Warmness on the soul Live Solo cover

Ezequiel Romanko

Warmness on the soul Live Solo cover

Hey guys how is it going? i want to share with u my performance of the warmness on the soul (See more) solo live, i transcribed it all by ear it's not perfect but i did my best haha, also my fingers are really killing me it hurts so much, please ignore my mother talking in one part of the vid she doesn't know how to record haha any tips and critics will be preciated hope you like it <3

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Jak Angelescu
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Jak Angelescu Ezequiel, that was absolutely stunning. I loved everything about this solo. Your control of the guitar and your bends was so good. Just work on getting a little more comfortable with the vibrato, and keep practicing it so you can truly shine through. I loved everything about this... truly beautiful!!!
Ezequiel Romanko
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Ezequiel Romanko thank you very much yeah definitely i struggle sometimes with vibrato but im going to work it harder to get it to actually a really nice sound, thank you very much again! 🙂

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