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  1. Andrei Moraru

    Music Theory Request #7 - Poll

    You know what you've got to do.
  2. Andrei Moraru

    Theory Request #6 - Poll

    So, you know how this goes. Take a look at the two options and figure out what you want to learn next.
  3. Andrei Moraru

    Fingerpicking/non-strumming songs

    Hey. Can you help me out with some songs that use fingerpicking or otherwise non-strummed guitars? Think ...And Justice For All, Buried Alive, Fade To Black...that kind of stuff. I wanna go through the fingerpicking lessons again, but I also want to learn some songs. Thanks in advance...
  4. Andrei Moraru

    Every A7X solo not by Syn

    So YouTube's algorithm finally gave me something interesting again: There's a bunch of these I never knew were not by Syn.
  5. Andrei Moraru

    Can't update avatar

    Hey. So I tried updating my avatar but it's not working. Anyone have any idea why? It just reverts to the old image. I tried deleting the old image, but to no avail. Any size limit for the file? Thanks, Andrei
  6. Andrei Moraru

    Songs that changed your life or helped you through tough times

    So while I continuously delay my next installment in Music Theory Requests because I suck in front of a camera, I have a bit of a different question for you all. What song or songs kind of changed your life for the better? Every one of us probably has at least one song they can safely say...
  7. Andrei Moraru

    Revelations of the CAGED system

    So I have decided to re-incorporate daily guitar practice since I feel I am getting stale at melodies and stuff. And I started with doing the 7 positions of the major scale which are fine, but for some reason, I am unable to link that well between forms. However, everything seems to fall into...
  8. Andrei Moraru

    A new month, a new EP

    Hey, synners. So my latest Orchestral Covers EP just dropped today. Check it out here and let me know how you like it:
  9. Andrei Moraru

    Written vs video tutorials - which one and why?

    Hey synners. Jak the everpresent admin came up with a good suggestion regarding the theory threads, in that they could work in video form. So I ask you, beginners and intermediates, which one do you think would work better for theory threads? Any sort of feedback is appreciated. I just want...
  10. Andrei Moraru

    Theory Request #5 - poll

    Let's get the voting started.
  11. Andrei Moraru

    Theory Request #4 - Building basic chords + chords of a scale

    1. Topics of discussion In this one, we're gonna take a look at how chords are built and what chords are part of major scales and minor scales. So, get on the square and on the level, and let's go. 2. Understanding thirds In music, a third is a musical interval comprised of 3 different notes...
  12. Andrei Moraru

    Music Theory #4 - poll

    You know how this goes. Let's get to voting.
  13. Andrei Moraru

    Intermediate Theory Request #3 - Modal Scales

    1. Topics of discussion In this lesson, we will discuss modal scales. So, get on the square and on the level, and let's go. 2. Modal scales explained Modal scales (or modes) are some special scales that follow different rules than regular major and minor scales. The easiest way to understand...
  14. Andrei Moraru

    Theory Request #3 - Poll

    You know how this works. Vote your favorite and I shall create a thread discussing that topic. Get to voting :D.
  15. Andrei Moraru

    Theory Request #2 - The CAGED system for major scales

    1. Topics of discussion In this thread, we're going to discuss the CAGED system for major scales. So, let's get on the square and on the level. 2. The CAGED system chord shapes So, the name CAGED system originates from the 5 open chord shapes (or forms) used in its name: C, A, G, E, and D...
  16. Andrei Moraru

    Music Theory Requests - poll for next one

    Hey guys and girls. Let's make this easier for you all. We have a poll. You will vote. I will write a thread. So, get to voting :) .
  17. Andrei Moraru

    Theory Request #1 - Major Scales explained

    1. Topics of discussion In this thread, we're going to discuss major scales and how to play them on the guitar. This request came from @Kim La . So, let's get on the square and on the level. 2. Steps, half-steps, and frets Much like how you can measure the distance between cities in...
  18. Andrei Moraru

    New Theory Threads idea - post questions here

    Hey, synners. So I came up with this idea which might prove helpful for those who want to learn theory. I made all those theory threads in the forums, but they didn't really catch on that much. So I am going to ask you to write down any theory questions you have right here. Then, once enough...
  19. Andrei Moraru

    Managed to get myself playlilsted

    Hey synners. So I managed to get myself playlisted for the next month on Saturdays, 12 PM EST, on College Underground Radio, namely here: Pretty psyched for this. Can you help a synner out with some shares for this? Much obliged, Andrei
  20. Andrei Moraru

    My latest EP is up on Spotify :D

    So, DistroKid and Spotify moved quite fast. My latest release is up and it can be streamed here: Stream, share, listen, and leave any feedback you may have here.
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