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  1. Alex Cain

    A proper introduction

    Hey guys, I've been posting some threads the and just started getting active over the last few weeks but never really introduced myself. My name is Alex, and I've been playing guitar for about 14 years. I went Musicians Institute and have my AA degree in Guitar and emphasis in Audio Engineering...
  2. Alex Cain

    My biggest mistakes while learning guitar (learn from my mistakes)

    I've been wanting to make a thread like this for a while so that others can learn from my mistakes. I've been playing for almost a decade and a half, and as a seasoned player, I wanted to share some things that those early in their playing can keep in mind to avoid certain mistakes. That's why I...
  3. Alex Cain

    Hellwin Kemper Profile

    Are there any students on here that have the Kemper Profiler Amp? I was thinking about maybe making some DI profiles of Papa Gates' Hellwin head and wanted to see if anyone is interested, since there are virtually no Hellwin profiles. I also texted PG and told him and Syn to consider making an...
  4. Alex Cain

    Metronome on the site

    I think it would be cool to have a metronome built into the site somewhere so that you don't have to open an app, new webpage, buy one, etc. We could also access it on our phones so that we can have a metronome wherever we go and practice whenever, whenever.
  5. Alex Cain

    Tube Screamer/Overdrive Pedals AMA

    I've been posting a lot of different threads lately so that I can pass on some of my knowledge to those that may need it. I own about 20 overdrive pedals, the majority of them tube screamers/variants/clones, so I figured I'd make a thread for anyone curious about these kinds of pedals. I find...
  6. Alex Cain

    A big part of Syn's lead tone is...

    I've seen a lot threads on here asking about how people can get a guitar tone like Syn or Avenged Sevenfold. While this tip won't get you all the way there, I figured I'd share this information with everyone since I have it. Fred Archambault, who engineered on Waking The Fallen, City of Evil...
  7. Alex Cain

    Custom Bogner Amp used on CoE, Self Titled, and more AMA

    Hey everyone, I wanted to start a thread about an amp that is very special and likely isn't very well known. I'm lucky enough to own a prototype/custom Bogner amplifier that was used on the recordings of City of Evil, Self Titled, and Diamonds In The Rough. It may have been used on some other...
  8. Alex Cain

    Papa Gates' Schecter Hellwin Amp AMA

    Hey everyone, I wanted to start this thread so that if anyone has any questions regarding the Schecter Hellwin amplifier, I'll do my best to answer them. I'm lucky enough to be in possesion of @Brian Haner Sr. 's very own Hellwin Stage head and cabinet that he gave to me before he moved to the...
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