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  1. Muz Malek

    Project "St. James"

    Hey Synners! Jeremy(owner of #1 Dark Night Synyster Custom) and I are working to do a collab piece for St. James, and hopefully release it in time for our dear Jimmy's birthday next month. We were thinking that it'd be a great idea to maybe have as many of you as possible be a part of it, no...
  2. Muz Malek

    Duet with me - A7X style!

    Hey Synners! I'm looking to doing dual harmonizing solos or full song covers with you guys! Preferably A7X songs - but if you have other dual guitar songs in mind, like BVB, BFMV, etc., let me know too! I'll take care of the split-screen editing & etc.! Looking forward to have some fun during...
  3. Muz Malek

    Floyd Rose 1500 series

    Hey Synners! As far as I know, the Floyd Rose 1500 so far has been very exclusive to only Schecter Guitars, with the exception that Jackson has one too but only on the Jeff Loomis signature(he probably wanted to bring it over when he made the switch). I've been trying to contact both...
  4. Muz Malek

    Intermediate Find that Chord!!

    Hey Synners! I'm not sure if anyone had shared this before, but I came across this really cool website where it allows you to find out the name of the chord that you play on the guitar just by selecting the frets & open strings, and so on. Check it out right here! >> Chord Analyzer Once...
  5. Muz Malek

    Hey Synners!

    Hey Synners! My name is Muz Malek, and I've been in this SGS for quite a while, but I'm just about to get comfortable hanging out here. I'm from a little island called Singapore. I've been playing guitar for 10 years since I was 15 and was self-taught. How I started: Back in the day, my...
  6. Muz Malek

    A set of lyrics you go by your day with?

    I'll start! "This ride, that takes me through life - leads me into darkness but emerges into light. No one can ever slow me down ; I'll stay unbound." This set of lyrics means so much to me because it pretty much keeps me going through especially the tough times. Especially relevant to this...
  7. Muz Malek

    What keeps you motivated?

    " We all have emptiness inside, we all have answers to find " Share what keeps you going ;) Let's inspire & motivate one another! __________________________________________________________________________ Check out my cover of "Beast and the Harlot" HERE ! In commemoration of 10 years of my...
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