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  1. Muz Malek


    Congrats, @ari.mac !!! :rock-hand: :rock-hand:
  2. Muz Malek

    That's amazing, man! Keep it up!

    That's amazing, man! Keep it up!
  3. Muz Malek

    FRIZZLE FRY by Primus

    Probably gotta have a crazy friend like Jimmy ❤️
  4. Muz Malek

    Comment by 'Muz Malek' in media 'Breaking down a solo #1'

    @Adithya hope this helps! :rock-hand:
  5. Breaking down a solo #1

    Breaking down a solo #1

    Here's to quickly answer what it really means to learn a guitar solo, asides from playing slowly!
  6. Muz Malek

    Help guyssss , im stuck.......

    hey man! check out my IGTV on some tips with the solo on how else we can practice in detail every single note! Here: Guitar Tips 101: Playing slow
  7. Muz Malek

    Writing a song

    Always have an inspiration for one! It can start of with an idea, a story, a thought, an experience, and naturally the melody will come by. Or it can also work the other way round. You hum a tune and lay it out, and then create or relate a story out of it what you feel that melody or chord...
  8. Muz Malek

    Project "St. James"

    Hey Synners! Jeremy(owner of #1 Dark Night Synyster Custom) and I are working to do a collab piece for St. James, and hopefully release it in time for our dear Jimmy's birthday next month. We were thinking that it'd be a great idea to maybe have as many of you as possible be a part of it, no...
  9. Muz Malek

    Syns guitar picks

    Ah i see. Well I was just answering to @Koala based on the signature Synyster picks haha. I'm aware he's probably changed to various picks based on his Etudes. :rock-hand:
  10. Muz Malek

    Syns guitar picks

    Yup. I have some and they look pretty legit to me haha. Expected for the price to be a bit of a bomb, but rest assured they're good. I can't find the link I bought from before because I got them a little over 8 years ago. I found one here. Play safe and contact the seller first :) Cheers!
  11. Muz Malek

    Syns guitar picks

    You can probably get one with his name somewhere on eBay. I have some myself. If you wish to get something of the same kind, it's basically a Gator Grip 2.0mm.
  12. Muz Malek

    Buzz from neck pickup

    Intonation's got nothing to do with electronic noise/hiss. That's more towards the physical/outer buzzing like fret buzz, string buzz, etc. Cheers!
  13. Muz Malek

    Buzz from neck pickup

    Easy for people like us, but not everyone is familiar with electronics xD
  14. Muz Malek

    Buzz from neck pickup

    Hi theeeere! If there's no buzzing on your bridge pickup but there is on the neck pickup, it likely means your selector switch needs to get checked :) You may try to spray a dab of WD40 or any contact spray into the switch gap and flick it back & forth a few times, plug in your guitar and try...
  15. Muz Malek

    Some Thoughts I'd Like To Share

    100% agreed! We want all love & positivity all-round. There's also too much going on out there - this might be the only place left for hope & positivity & hopefully we all get to feel the love, regardless where we come from & our beliefs. Cheers!
  16. Muz Malek

    Shadzman talking about his 2020

    I hear ya. It ain't easy trying to be positive while trying not to trigger listeners' beliefs. Pretty sure any artist wouldn't feel exactly comfortable to lay out their thoughts on such a sensitive matter especially when they have a fanbase/followers. I guess all that matters is we are all...
  17. Muz Malek

    my rhythm sucks what can i do

    100% agreed! I'm intending to do a metronome series on my IG channel too! Covering songs/solos only backed by a metronome. Hopefully it can help!
  18. Muz Malek

    December 28 -The Rev appreciation

    Wasn't here this time last year, and was almost gonna open up another thread, only to realize this one already existed. So I'll stick to this one. Here's another year to remembering St. James :rock-hand:
  19. Muz Malek

    Annual Care Package

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