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  1. Elton Breaux

    Motley resemblance

    I’ve been on a motley crue kick lately and I noticed that @syn looks ALOT like a young nikki sixx lol. Just found it funny
  2. Elton Breaux

    Been too long

    So I’ve been gone for far too long. Still been playing. Just not active here. I’ve been wanting to get into more blues music. Expand my playing abilities. What are some suggestions on where to start and maybe which lessons on here I could really pay attention to?
  3. Elton Breaux


    I posted a video in the riffs. If anyone can tell me how to fix the rattle it would be greatly appreciated @jak @syn @ed
  4. Elton Breaux

    Posting pics

    Im totally doing it wrong. Can someone walk me through posting pics lol. I know it seems remedial but ot os what it is lol
  5. Elton Breaux

    Happy Fathers Day

    Happy fathers day to all the dads in here. I hope yall get to jam a little extra today!!!
  6. Elton Breaux


    Been making great progress and yesterday playing my last baseball game of the season i go and break my hand smh. Small speed bump but ill be counting the days down until i can jam again. Any suggestion of what i could do to stay progressing without actually playing?
  7. Elton Breaux

    A7X VIP

    So i bought the vip tickets for a7x end of the world tour and Im stupid excited. Even if i dont win the meet n greet its going to be amazing!!!! Has anyone went through the vip experience and can tell me what to expect?
  8. Elton Breaux

    When it comes together

    Man!!!! This morning i was playing along to some a7x songs and I can hear all my practice starting to pay off. Such a great feeling!!! Thanks for all the advice I’ve gotten from all of you guys!!!
  9. Elton Breaux

    Advice anyone?

    What finger placement do yall use on buried alive intro?
  10. Elton Breaux

    A7x tour

    Does anyone know if they’re selling meet and greet tickets this tour?
  11. Elton Breaux

    Finally back in the groove

    I had to take a little time away from the guitar for the most part and now that im getting back to it i feel like a whole new beginning. I saw a post a while back asking if anyone gets frustrated enough to wanna stop playing. It is totally ok to take a break and clear your mind. It’s alot to...
  12. Elton Breaux

    Log in trouble on pc

    Just got my new laptop in and i cannot sign in to sgs for nothing. Its not accepting my password. Even after ive changed it
  13. Elton Breaux

    Shocking news for me… opinions?

    So a recent doctor visit revealed we are expecting another baby (this makes 5 😲 ). The reason i am posting this here is the date of conception leads back to the a7x concert. With that being said we are going unorthodox with the middle name. It shall be ______ Synyster Breaux. Because we are huge...
  14. Elton Breaux

    Buried alive taps

    Where are the taps at the end of the intro of buried alive?
  15. Elton Breaux

    Opinions on blackstar Id core 100w amp

    Been looking at the amp. Wondering if anyone has played with it that could tell me how it sounds
  16. Elton Breaux

    Anyone a fan of boyce avenue

    Id like to collab on bandhub one day to some boyce avenue acoustic covers. Anyone interested?
  17. Elton Breaux

    Lesson 10 question for papa gates or syn

    It says the fourth note you play is the tone center in a new octave. In drop d does it go to the third note or is it different?
  18. Elton Breaux

    What pedals does syn use?

    While im splurging on new equipment does @syn use overdrive ? Noise gate? Might as well get as much as possible at once
  19. Elton Breaux

    Which amp to buy

    Looking to move up from my practice amp to a tube amp. Not trying to spend an arm and a leg. Any advice on which amp to choose?
  20. Elton Breaux

    Time issue

    Between work , raising 4 kids and playing baseball i find myself struggling to find time now. Are their any excercises that i should focus on during busy times? I need to work on my left hand being more “agile” for lack of better terms and need to work on picking