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    Finally back, and this time for good

    I’ve been really busy all christmas break, hanging with my band/recording (we managed to score spotify and youtube in 249 countries for our first album which isn’t even an “album”, it’s mostly jam sessions and home recordings compiled on a mixtape), I’ve been busy with with family and I had to...
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    Guys I accidentally bumped my guitar into the wall and some paint chipped, this is my all time favourite guitar and it is my baby, does anyone know somewhere/somehow I can fix it?
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    It’s alright to have a forum topic for each live but I’m starting this one in specific to keep an organized log/timetable to make sure everyone knows when people are livestreaming either to show up or to schedule theirs at a different time! If you’re gonna livestream, leave a comment down below...
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    Paradise tutorial?

    Right now I have a main project which is Buried Alive, I’m doing my best to step in for Jak after she stopped the tutorial (the forum topic for all your questions is still active so don’t hesitate to ask anything) but I was thinking of having a new side project of learning Paradise (Syn’s song...
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    Buried Alive Questions

    Followin Jak’s drop out of the Buried Alive tutorial, you guys can leave any questions you have here and I or anyone else who knows the answer can reply
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    Syn goldburst guitar

    Does anyone know why they put the gold burst on the back of the neck as well instead of keeping it black like on all the other guitars? I´m not sure if it carries over to the other burst design guitars but I personally think it makes the guitar look really goofy…
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    Seize the Day solo question

    Hey guys! I just have a quick question about the technique used in the fast part of the solo (3:13-3:14 on spotify) which is: is it a sequence of pull offs on each string or is every single note picked?