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  1. Nocturne

    Beginner Absolute pitch

    That was SUPER interesting. I didn't know that you lose it.
  2. Nocturne

    Looking for Green Day song suggestions!

    21 Guns. It's a good song, you can work your tone on it, it has very different sections, a great and simple lead guitar, a very good solo and a lot of possibilities for improvisation and it's not hard. Good Riddance is also great if you want to try fingerpicking or hybrid picking.
  3. Nocturne

    Newby.. finally bought my dream guitar (lefty)

    Absolutely beautiful. Have fun with it, and welcome!
  4. Nocturne

    Angle is faster but with less volume. If you need to play fast pick with angle otherwise pick it...

    Angle is faster but with less volume. If you need to play fast pick with angle otherwise pick it flat, there's nothing wrong with adjusting your playstyle.
  5. Nocturne

    String tension and playing fast

    I think it's about getting used to it. A subtle difference can make some difference in your comfort if you always play with the same guitar and the same strings. A few more hours into it and you'll probably won't feel it anymore.
  6. Nocturne

    Writing a song

    That's a really good point to raise. I feel this a lot when I try to write and it's frustrating because I'm just not good enough to do what I want. I think you have to overcome this frustration in order to progress.
  7. Nocturne

    Buy or Pass?

    I'd say it looks okay and very decent for the price, you can't really go wrong with Squier, even if you don't like it you can resell it easily. Just make sure you don't plan on playing mainly with high gain as you could be disappointed with single coil's tone (a Humbucker on the bridge position...
  8. Nocturne

    I'm Back!

    Yo, glad you're back!
  9. Nocturne

    Hello Layne!

    Hello Layne!
  10. Nocturne

    Floyd Rose

    No problem!
  11. Nocturne

    Take a break, have a meme

    That's terrifying.
  12. Nocturne

    Hey metalheads

    Yeah, combo are usually cheaper.
  13. Nocturne

    Floyd Rose

    No you don't have to unlock everything, don't worry about that! You can retune at the bottom of the Floyd Rose, no need to touch the top. Also, when you have a good nut and a good Floyd Rose, tuning is quite stable.
  14. Nocturne

    What are you working on?

    That's so cool, I didn't know that. It's very impressive when you think that a lot of people see this solo as one of his bests.
  15. Nocturne

    A small doubt

    As you have a beginner guitar, I'd say you'd better buy a better guitar because it will feel better and you will progress faster. If you are looking for a better tone you should buy a new amp.
  16. Nocturne


    I have a couple pedals. It's really good if you want to make your own tone. Just go with whatever you want according to what you like playing and your musical tastes.
  17. Nocturne

    What are you working on?

    I've been working full time on Beat It's solo for the last two months. It's very challenging as I'm not a shredder, I can't really play it by now but practicing pays, I can now play it with a metronome at 75% speed. I'm so happy 😆
  18. Nocturne

    Hey, whats up?

    Hello Aizawa, welcome!
  19. Nocturne

    I'm new!!!

    Hey, welcome Sara!
  20. Nocturne

    Fun Rhythm Songs?

    Afterlife is actually very nice because it has a lot of very different sections.