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  1. Rute Rodrigues

    Happy birthday senpai

    Happy birthday sir @Syn Gates Thank you for everything you do for us and for this community. You are my favorite guitarist forever and my idol since I’m little, and you’re an amazing person too. My love and respect for you are huge and I’m going to support that fucking band until the end of my...
  2. Rute Rodrigues

    I just wanna say something

    You guys are melting my heart with the collab. It’s so cool to see everyone together helping this idea to born omg! @Aileé Guerra Aréizaga @Filip Tomiša @Ids Schiere you are the guys. Im also really speechless watching all the entrys for the collab. I love all the videos and all the support...
  3. Rute Rodrigues

    How do I create my own unic sound?

    Sup guys? So I really want make a living in music in my future and I was wondering if Im doing the enough to create my own sound in the future. Im not talking about tone, Im talking about a sound, like for example when you hear Syn you instantly know its him, when you listen plini you know its...
  4. Rute Rodrigues

    Perfect Afterlife Drum Cover (watch this)

    This dude appeared on my yt recomendations, but DAMN, this is so sick!!! I think this is the only guy that plays this 100% perfect. A lot of things he played were improvised and were even harder than the original. Damn, this is amazing. Jimmy would be so facken proud. What you think @Syn Gates ?
  5. Rute Rodrigues

    Quarantine Jams

    Once we are all in quarantine and we cant get out home, I thought it would be cool to do kinda like a quarantine jam challenge, wisch consistes that every day you record a jam and post it here. it can be any style, all levels, it just needs to be fun. do you like this idea? OK i can go first...
  6. Rute Rodrigues

    My firsts demos are OUUUTTTT

    Yo guys I wrote these two songs with my band mate!!! He is Diogo (Seth) and he is the Lead guitar and Im Marlyn Voe and Im rhythm!! Drums were written by us two and programmed by him!!! Hope you give us a listen!! We are planning to record an EP with the whole band. Talking about the tracks...
  7. Rute Rodrigues

    A Big Collab (Lets do this)

    Yes, I know we tryied before and it didnt work, blah blah blah, and people forget about the day to send it blah blah blah, but I think we can do this. We did excelente videos to Syn and to Jak in christmas, we can do this as well! We just need to be organized and be together and we can do it...
  8. Rute Rodrigues

    Whats your favourite guitar solos of all time?

    Mines are: Barstool Warrior - Dream Theater The best of times - Dream Theater Coming Home - Avenged Sevenfold Anesthetise - Porcupine Tree Drive Home - Steven Wilson It's only smiles - Periphery Song of Unborn - Steven Wilson The Stage - Avenged Sevenfold Veil - Haken Comfortably Numb - Pink...
  9. Rute Rodrigues

    Almost feel like giving up

    Hi brothers and sisters, as you know I used to be a pretty much active member here but maybe you realised that these last days I kinda disappeared from the forums. I talked to my best friends here, they already know the shit I'm living but I think I should talk to you too. You guys are a 2nd...
  10. Rute Rodrigues

    Melody Sense

    Hey guys! Happy new year! Ive been listening to a lot of Dream Theater and Im always amazed how John Petrucci is so incredible. One of the things that I love in him is that he has a good melody sense. How can he write so beatifull melodies? For example, The Count of the Tuscany or Barstool...
  11. Rute Rodrigues

    Where should I learn theory?,

    I know some things and the basic. But I wanted to move to harder things, like I want to learn all the theory I can. And there's so many youtubers and sites that I just dont know if I can trust and if thats actually a good site. Do you have any ideas of sites, youtubers or even books that I can...
  12. Rute Rodrigues

    Nightmare solo - Is it good?

    I just tried this solo 3 days ago, and today I just recorded it, but, damn, Idk if its good or no. I feel like I dont like it. Could you give me feedback on this? Thanks
  13. Rute Rodrigues

    Tornado of Souls

    Hey this me just practising tornado of souls. Its missing like 20bpm or so but I'd like to have a bit of your advices so I can do it better. #pyjama Thanks
  14. Rute Rodrigues

    Best Metal albuns in the decade A7X is on it. I'm not going to spoiler x). Enjoy
  15. Rute Rodrigues

    So, Hi

    Omg the new site looks so damn cool! Im motivated. Right now im writing this while im on my biology class ahahaha lol Ive been the entire class just exploring all this thing. Right now, Im practising tornado of souls. Pretty cool thing to practise. After that solo is ready, ill start studing the...
  16. Rute Rodrigues

    Anyone here plays bass, or drums?

    So I dont know if you know, but some of us are starting a project that is basically forming a band to play a few covers, and even write our own songs. Its our goal to write s few songs. We’re already 5 guitarists. But we need more people… We really need a drummer and a bassist…. And a singer...
  17. Rute Rodrigues

    Trivium and Toy

    So you all know trivium, right? So you know that acoustic cover that he does? One day, a portuguese fan sugested him to play a portuguese pop song, from a portuguese pop singer, Toy, and the guy just did the cover of it. But the best is yet to come. Trivium came to portugal in july ( i was...
  18. Rute Rodrigues

    Help me in this solo

    So I started practising the solo from the day that never comes from metallica, and it is ALMOST done, but I still sound weird to me. I want to play it better. At this time im playing it like this : but I dont feel like it is good already. It is a the original tempo...
  19. Rute Rodrigues

    Fall in love with this style (I think you never heard it)

    This is a style of music that I fucking love, and the reason why Im sharing with you is because i think you guys never heard it before cause it is just a portuguese musical style. It was formed in portugal in 1950 or so, when portugal were governed by a president like Trump of these days, you...
  20. Rute Rodrigues

    Backing Tracks in lessons

    Its just me, or in some videos there are backing tracks, and in others no? For example, in that lessons about the 7 positions of the scale, in some videos I find and in others no. I already realised it in other lessons. Why? Thx