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  1. John Robinson

    Some personal stuff I'd like to share

    Of all the interactions we have had and all that i have seen with other people i havent witnessed you being less than nice and i have been here from the beginning.that being said im glad youre getting the help that you need..cheers john
  2. John Robinson

    Comment by 'John Robinson' in media 'A Ray of Light (Hizaki) Practice'

    youre sounding good glad youre playing again...hang in there
  3. John Robinson

    Little game

    I had an accident in 1993..i didnt get hurt but i still have flashbacks so if you need to talk feel free to pm me
  4. John Robinson

    Pedal Suggestions?

    I have a small peavy tube amp and love i want a bigger one and cant decide if i want peavy or line 6
  5. John Robinson

    I think we should be more open about music in general

    I understand your point but i dont see it as forcing us..they dont ask our opinion on anything else why would they ask our opinion on which direction the new album should a creature of habit and dont really like change but i do understand that things change
  6. John Robinson

    I think we should be more open about music in general

    I guess because im older i understand about far as the stage i thought it gave a7x a chance to relax and spread their wings and show how deep their writing really is"i cant wait to see whats next".people change and so does music...think of how boring it would be if everything was the...
  7. John Robinson

    What Ed did

    Im not a fan of the lyrics of some of her songs but her vocals are so strong!!!
  8. John Robinson

    To minimize the spread of the infection

    I personaly like his other quote"fuck what everybody thinks and do what you want"there is a lot of freedom in that attitude
  9. John Robinson

    New Student Playlist! :D

    Well i cant listen to it..its not available in my country..that stinks
  10. John Robinson

    Should We Bring Back "Nominations To Post Riffs"?

    Well its the truth
  11. John Robinson

    Should We Bring Back "Nominations To Post Riffs"?

    I also need to step out of my comfort can we play in front of strangers if we cant play in front of people we think of as family
  12. John Robinson

    Should We Bring Back "Nominations To Post Riffs"?

    @Jak Angelescu Im going to go out on a limb and dont have to wiggle your butt back in..i think i speak for all of us when i say...get your ass back in here now😛😛
  13. John Robinson

    So, it happened…

    Hell i thought it was new..guess im just catching up
  14. John Robinson

    So, it happened…

    and its comments like this one is why i will never leave this school..the respect and family just dont get that every where..thank you sir and all of the synners
  15. John Robinson

    So, it happened…

    Congratulations sir..i have interacted with him and papa gates and they are always nice and gracious so i have no problem believing they are like that in day before i take a dirt nap i will get to meet the whole band and papa gates but until then i will live vicariously through...
  16. John Robinson

    Tommy Emanuel

    Im the exact same way..let me know what you think of those
  17. John Robinson

    Just a thought

    The music community is the best..i went to warped tour and it was hotter than hell..there was a guy getting sick and about 10 people helping him...this place is better than that
  18. John Robinson

    Tommy Emanuel

    Hell yeah..outlaw country..dierks bentlys cd..up on the what you want...and to add a couple more..cody jinks and the steel woods...hell i could talk music all night
  19. John Robinson

    Just a thought

    I had a thought just now"i know thats dangerous"..i just wanted to say that the staff and students here are very giving of their time,talent and knowlegde..we cant just go anywhere and get that free..that is worth so much Thank you for all that you do for us...
  20. John Robinson

    What Do YOU Want to See on the SGS

    I would buy some synyster picks for sure