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  1. John Robinson

    Just a thought

    I had a thought just now"i know thats dangerous"..i just wanted to say that the staff and students here are very giving of their time,talent and knowlegde..we cant just go anywhere and get that free..that is worth so much Thank you for all that you do for us...
  2. John Robinson


    I would like to ask for prayers for nashville..a random bomb went off this morning and damaged buildings..3 injured none dead thank God!! I live in nashville and its very unsettleing
  3. John Robinson

    hi from tennessee

    im John,I have been here from the beginning but now im serious.I work in a rock quarry so my time is limited.I love this school and im very excited about learning so i hope i dont bother yall with a lot of dumb questions,john
  4. John Robinson

    strumming help

    when im doing strumming excercises i keep getting my pick hung in my strings...what am i doing wrong