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  1. Christian Schulze

    7 Days 7 Modes 2021. What did I learn?

    How you doing Family? Having just finished my Challenge for this year. I just wanted to make a little recap or things I learned throughout theese 7 days, living in the Modes of the C Major scale. 1. Write everything down. You don't know how much writing down the scale formula and then the...
  2. Christian Schulze

    7 days 7 Modes is back!

    Whaddup Folks CJ here! I know it's been a while, but last year I made a personal challenge, during 7 days I would play a mode a day. Last year I did it wrong...but this year I am a bit wiser! D Dorian, Im gonna get ya tomorrow sucker!
  3. Christian Schulze

    Why is this so damn hard? Practice discipline

    Hi there my beloved Synner Family, CJ here (its been a while since I wrote here, love the new interface) Last couple of months/weeks have been crazy insane (For those who know, you know). Now that things have calmed down a little bit for me, I struggle finding the passion or rather disclipline...
  4. Christian Schulze

    CJ's 2 Cents Version 2.0.....but.....

    Whaddup folks CJ here! I just wanted to let you know several things regarding my 2 Cents videos here on the site. The videos I make are 100% only for the site, and with them I try to enrich the lessons that are here with my own "roadtested" methods. Sadly I am just a beginner in many aspects...
  5. Christian Schulze

    LEGATO is breaking me! Help!!

    I decided to rather make a video showing and explaining the issue than write it poorly XD. Thanks in advance!
  6. Christian Schulze

    Breaking down walls? Or something else?

    How is it going Synners? After another practice session today (and another fail at the planets solo), I just had an epiphany: This is just another wall. Sooner or later it will fall. I think you all faced these damn walls before, be it your first chord, song, or specially the F chord with the...
  7. Christian Schulze

    The key is being relaxed, but how?

    Whaddup Synners! I was just having a go at my obsession planets and after listening to some podcast with Andy James and Rick thing they pointed out is how hard sometimes it is to play relaxed. Because some of friends of mine practice martial arts, I noticed how similar the both...
  8. Christian Schulze

    Ok this WILL take me to my next level!

    Whaddup Folks CJ here! Just wanted to stop by for a second to share my thoughts. Today I finished my last lesson with @Hector Trejo and thus that part of my Rockstar Student Reward is over. I gotta say both Bill and Hector showed me a lot! And exposed me to a lot of my gaps, and I could not be...
  9. Christian Schulze

    What should the next CJ's 2 Cents be on?

    Soooo now that I finished my lessons, I am ready to practice and make some videos for ya'll again. Do any of you have a suggestion onto what I should cover? Anyhow this is my first poll here XD
  10. Christian Schulze

    Soooo I just finished my last lesson with Bill Hudson....

    My Beloved Synner Family, CJ here. So as many of you know, I started my lessons with Bill Hudson as part of my Rockstar Student Reward and today was our last lesson. That made me kinda sad to be honest. As we said our last goodbyes I kinda felt do I do know? Having been his...
  11. Christian Schulze

    TO ALL NEW USERS AND BEGINNERS.....we need to talk!

    Whaddup Synners?! CJ here (one half of your current Rockstar Students, the other half being @Alicia Willis)! We need to seriously...... Today I was reminiscing about this GEM of a Site and how much I have grown thanks to it (that being the real gift). And on top of that I actually...
  12. Christian Schulze

    Even the King started as a Prince

    Whaddup Fam?! Just remembered that I saw a video where Syn used a Les Paul Custom: Just curious. That many revolutuionary guitarist start with a classical model, like Steve Vai having a Strat..and then because the instrument has limitations they end up having a signature model...The Jem in...
  13. Christian Schulze

    Two Cool Tools for you!

    Whaddup Synners!? I am currently taking my lessons with Maestro Bill Hudson, and as part of my excersices I gotta use the Metronome and know scales (like everynote in it and play it). Because, I can't do 4 things at once, I decided to visually help me with the scales and found a website that...
  14. Christian Schulze

    Allow me to introduce my friend Sabbith

    Here I am again introducing another good friend of mine @Sabbith RaďDi! He and I have been friend for like 10+ years (Since Middle School yikes). He is also a complete beginner so if keep that in mind in case he asks you a question! Glad to know that you are here brother and I hope you enjoy...
  15. Christian Schulze

    Synner Fam say hi to my friend Agus!

    Whaddup Fam! I just wanted to take a moment and introduce my friend @Aguscelii96 to the site! I think she still needs to be cleared by the mods in order to post herself? (Dunno if that is still a thing?) But I wanted to let her know that she is welcome here. So give her some love!
  16. Christian Schulze


    Whaddup Folks....its me again... I just had to share this video on the circle of fifths its so amazing. I know PGs lesson was amazing too! But this is even more hacks that come witht the circle of Fifths! Enjoy!
  17. Christian Schulze

    FRETBOARD Memorization/Visualisation

    Whaddup Synner FAM! As many of you know I do a series on this site called CJ's 2 Cents on the lessons of this wonderful site. And I also did one on the topic of memorizing the freboard: In the video I used a clip of...
  18. Christian Schulze

    To all Beginners on the School...If you need HELP reach out!

    Whaddup Folks. As one half of the newly crowned Rockstar Students (The other one is @Alicia Willis!) I want to reach out to all beginners! Please do not be afraid to reach out! This site is a use it wisely! Ask questions! Use the lessons and play your hearts out. Some of you might...
  19. Christian Schulze

    2 years later and the growth is undeniable!

    My Family! I today just stumbled upon an old video of myself that I recorded 2 years ago, when I barely discovered this School! And boy oh boy! I have come a long way. As a contrast, same backing track today: All the new techniques I learned...all the bad habits corrected....All thanks to...
  20. Christian Schulze

    Shredding demystified? Maybe!

    Whaddup folks! So for a while now I was floating in Limbo so to speak. I did not know what to do with my guitar practice. Once day I wanted to become blues man 2000 and the next mister shredder. There is just so much stuff to learn after you got the basics down. After you know the basics, the...