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  1. Manvir B

    Peak human musical evolution.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have found a piece of music that surpasses any guitarist known to man. This is a man who has dived deep into the world of music and has gained much wisdom and knowledge, a man who invented mixophyrigianlydiandominant. He trained john petrucci, steve vai and lil...
  2. Manvir B

    Synyster Gates Game Awards

    Hey family, hope all is well. I stumbled upon syn at the game awards like a month ago when I was in music and we had to analyse an orchestrated piece so i went with this : It came up in my recommended again and i thought i'd share it with anyone who hasn't seen it, unfortunately they didn't...
  3. Manvir B


    I need to share this because it sounds so sick, the riff is so badass like the whole song.
  4. Manvir B

    10/10 Disturbed cover

    I found this and i feel like everyone needs to see this if you haven't already :
  5. Manvir B

    Jason Richardson/Lindsey Stirling - The Arena

    Hey guys, hope you're doing well. Thought i'd share this which you may have already seen. I love Jason Richardson and hes a huge inspiration for me.
  6. Manvir B

    Trivium - Catastrophist - What The Dead Men Say

    Me and the boys waiting for the new Trivium album ! Catastrophist is soooo goood :
  7. Manvir B

    Studio monitors buzzing

    Hey guys, i'm kinda struggling rn, I just got some studio monitors, however there's an insane amount of buzz coming out of them, especially when i move my mouse around or something. I've tried a few stuff but im not sure what it could be. Idk if its the cables, the DI box, the monitors. I have...
  8. Manvir B

    If Johnny Christ took over in the 2000's

    Thought I'd share this scuffed version of Unholy Confession 😆
  9. Manvir B

    Mario themed guitar made from 10,000 lollipop sticks.

    Thought i'd share this video, it's amazing :
  10. Manvir B

    Spotify Wrapped 2019

    Hey everyone, i thought it would be cool if everyone shared their spotify wrapped 2019 to see what everyone is listening to if you do use spotify. Here is mine. 🤘 Hope everyone is doing well.
  11. Manvir B

    God Damn Solo

    Hey everyone, I hope everything is going well ! I'm working on my music assignment were we just have to explain sonic components of songs of our choice and i just wanted to ask what goes on in terms of effects with the solo in god damn where Syn gives it that strange but really cool sound? It's...
  12. Manvir B

    Schecter Revenger FR

    Hey guys, i just wanted to ask, has anyone had an experience with the schecter revenger fr?
  13. Manvir B

    Pickup advice/ invaders

    Hi guys, so i’m thinking of getting new pickups, i’ve been looking at the seymour duncan invaders for a while, I love the way they sound, but is it worth getting them? / what are your opinion on them.