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  1. Gabriel Perez

    Sad Songs

    What's a song that always hits home for you? For me it's always going to be Europa by Santana. What a melodic legend
  2. Gabriel Perez

    Riff writing

    What are some cool things that you've done/things you have found that have helped you write cool riffs? I have found playing to an arppegiator has given some really cool riff ideas
  3. Gabriel Perez

    Guitar Setup

    Hi, so I have bought myself a bunch of guitar tools so I don’t spend tons of money in the future. My Les Paul and Stratocaster were easy but I’m on my Dinky and now it’s a tad bit confusing. It’s a JS22 so it has a compound radius of 12”-16” and I’m wondering when doing the action from the...
  4. Gabriel Perez

    Composition Challenge

    How cool would it be if every week we started a poll and got a backing track of a certain song. Like we did the backing track to Buried Alive and composed our own melodies or solos and shared them with everyone else to exchange ideas? And help with composition ideas?
  5. Gabriel Perez

    Soloing Over Chords

    I know that we got into it during the second half of the CAGED system series in the beginner levels, and I know that we also talk about Landing Tones and Color Tones during Papa Gates' blues master class but I'm still struggling a lot with getting lines and phrases going to create interesting...
  6. Gabriel Perez

    Proper Introduction

    I've posted probably one or two things on the forums and commented on a few other things. But I don't think I've done an actual introduction. Soooooo yeah. Hi. I'm Gabriel but I go by Gabe most of the time. I'm the only guitar major at Westminster College SLC. And I'm okay? I'm not really the...
  7. Gabriel Perez

    Major Chord Progressions

    A lot of times I find that I don't really know what to write when it comes to music especially since I didn't really know how chords worked. But I did Music Theory II this last semester and got some help and I want to share this with people who might not know it. I think this is beginner theory...
  8. Gabriel Perez

    Ibanez Roadstar II

    I have an Ibanez Roadstar II with a faulty bridge. I’ve done some measurements to see if maybe I can find a replacement. It was given to me by a friend who never really gave the guitar love because he never really liked Floyd Rose bridges (even though this isn’t one) and so everything just has...
  9. Gabriel Perez

    Guitar Upgrades

    If you look at my profile picture you'll see a JS-22 Jackson Dinky. This is my primary guitar. I have Seymour Duncan Invaders and Mad Hatter Guitar Products Terminator SVST-IBZ electronics inside. I'm looking to buy a bridge replacement and some locking tuners. The bridge is a two point fulcrum...
  10. Gabriel Perez


    Hi, I'm getting used to the new layout (which I think is fantastic) and I can't seem to find where the advanced arpeggios are. I'm still learning my dominant 7 and minor 6 arpeggios and can't seem to find the lessons for them. Thank you! Gabe
  11. Gabriel Perez

    Jazz Chords, Arpeggios, and Enclosures

    Hi, So I’m doing some private jazz guitar lessons and for my jury I’ve been learning All of Me since it’s a fairly simple progression, simple melody but introduces me to different ways to go about solos that isn’t just staying in the pentatonic. I have been doing some diving into each chord and...