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  1. alexj

    Care Packages Have Been Sent Out!

    Hey everyone! The care packages for annual legends have been sent! I'm going to leave what is in the care package to be a surprise, but I hope you enjoy all the goodies Syn included in the package. If you didn't get a care package this time, we plan to send to send out another package to...
  2. alexj

    New Site Features Survey

    Hey everyone! Since we've made a ton of changes to the site, we wanted to get some feedback from you all about how much you like the new site, what you still want to see, really any extra info you want to share! You should see a notice at the top of the page, go ahead and click the submit...
  3. alexj

    Win a free pedal! 🔥

    And you thought the contests were over and done with! 😜 Not only does Syn have a new amp on the way, but he wants to give away a pedal as well, and YOU can win it! ✨💥✨ Here’s how: Create a riff based off of one of Syn's tips from the lessons and post it here...
  4. alexj

    Say Hello to Lauren!

    Hey guys! Just wanted to introduce @laurenf ! She's part going to be helping me and Jak out with contests, leaderboards, surveys, and a bunch of other fun stuff, so if you have any questions you can pass them to her now as well!
  5. alexj

    Annual Care Package

    Hey everyone! We will be sending out the annual care packages next month to annual Legendary members. If you are an annual Legendary member and haven't sent me your address yet, please do so soon via PM so that we can send you your package :rock-hand: Also, if you would like the care package...
  6. alexj

    Amp Contest Winner!

    Hey guys! This was a hard one, but Syn looked over the names, your designs, and the votes and chose this name as the winner! SGS-Wattage Congrats @Ed Seith :rock-hand: your name won the contest and you'll be receiving a free amp! BUT! There is also another winner: Ampy McAmpface Haha...
  7. alexj

    The Phrygian Dominant Scale - Lesson 102

    In this video, we take a look at the Phrygian Dominant Scale and how it is used in multiple musical genres.
  8. alexj

    The Harmonic Minor Scale - Lesson 101

    In this video, we look at the Harmonic minor Scale, it's modes and chord family.
  9. alexj

    Synyster Gates School Site Upgrade

    Hey guys! You may have noticed that the site was down for a bit. We were performing site maintenance and upgrading the forum software. We believe we've caught the majority of the bugs that were caused by this update, but if you see anything that looks weird or isn't working properly, post it...
  10. alexj

    Vote for the Best Amp Name Now!

    We’ve had an absolutely incredible turn out with so many killer names submitted for the upcoming amp, you all truly crushed it! 🙌 Now it’s time to vote on which name is your favorite! Voting will last all week long, and the winner will be announced on Monday the 16th. Remember, the winning name...
  11. alexj

    Issues with Subscriptions Auto-Renewing

    Hey all! I've gotten many messages telling me that you guys are having issues with your memberships not auto-renewing. We're working on fixing the issue right now, but in the meantime you'll have to manually renew your membership. Thanks for the patience guys!! :rock-hand:
  12. alexj

    🚨 Contest Announcement!!! 🚨

    What’s up everyone?? We are beyond ecstatic to let you know that a brand new Synyster Gates amp is coming down the pipeline! There’s just one issue... It needs a name, and that’s where YOU come in! Starting November 2nd, we’re going to be opening this up to LEGENDARY members to submit their amp...
  13. alexj

    Having issues with your user upgrade or achievements?

    If you did not receive the user upgrade that you paid for or did not get achievements that you have earned, please respond to this thread and we will make sure you get them!
  14. alexj

    Syngates Stream Update!

    Hey all! I just sent out the stream invitation to Legendary members! If you did not receive an invitation and you should've please, let me know asap so I can get your name on the list! Also, I know that many of you have been having issues with user upgrades and we're really sorry about that! If...
  15. alexj

    Another Exciting Community Update!!

    Hi all! We're really excited to announce some new features we have coming to the school over the next week. We're adding in an achievement system, which is a great way to reward you all for all of your successes and an easy way for you guys to track your progress. We're also going to add in a...
  16. alexj

    Syngates Stream Coming Up Soon!

    Hey guys! Just wanted to share a super exciting event that is coming up soon. On September 30th from 1:30-2:00PM CST we will be hosting a stream for Legendary members with the leaders of the community (Yes, that means Syn and Papa Gates! 😁). This will give you guys a chance to meet the people...
  17. alexj

    Updates to the Syngates Community

    Hi all! Just wanted to send out a quick update on everything that is happening in the community behind the scenes. As many of you have probably noticed, we have options to pay for a user upgrade now. I just want to make sure you guys know that you are in no way required to get one and the...
  18. alexj

    *PLEASE READ THIS POST* New survey to get feedback on the school!

    Hi all! We're working on making improvements to the school and wanted to hear what you guys think. So anything about lessons, the community, even the smallest bug, we want to know about it. Jak and I will take all this feedback and make a plan for how to move forward and work all of these...