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  1. Adin Shepherd


    What are your go to podcasts? Music related or otherwise. I have a couple (I will add them below) I listen to when I am out walking the dog and am always on the look out for new stuff. May also give those who are currently in isolation another source to keep them entertained. An exhaustive...
  2. Adin Shepherd

    BOSS Katana Patches

    Hi fellow Katana users, this thread is a space for us to share our patches. Before the fun stuff, a few ground rules: 1. Be sure to upload your patches to a reputable file storage/sharing service (Dropbox or Google Drive for example). 2. If the patch is one you have found online, and has not...
  3. Adin Shepherd

    New BOSS Waza-Air wireless guitar amp headphones.

    What will they think of next?! That price tag though........ouch.