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  1. Richard O'connor

    what is he using?

    Hi everyone hope all is well. In the video link below, if you pause at 6:04, below his black guitar he is plugged into something. I was wondering if anyone new what this was?
  2. Richard O'connor

    Transposing Audio

    does anyone know how to transpose audio to an E standard tuning. Like this
  3. Richard O'connor

    EQ'ing direct input guitars

    This may be a stupid question but, to record my guitars I use a line 6 GX audio interface. Do I need to EQ these guitars? likewise for EZ drummer?
  4. Richard O'connor

    New Etudes

    is anyone else having trouble with the etudes? sometimes they are there at the bottom under Tapping IX and sometimes they aren’t there at all. Its no big deal i was just wondering if it was my computer?
  5. Richard O'connor


    Hi all, hope you’re all well. After speaking with ids on his live stream, we thought it would be a good idea to have a thread on here for people to post their own songs. Either to just show them off or to get some tips and advice on how to improve them before releasing them into the big bad...
  6. Richard O'connor

    synyster gates martial arts?

    A strange one I know but I came across this on instagram. Was syn a martial artist, and if so does anyone know what martial art? As a lover of MMA id be really interested to hear anything about it.
  7. Richard O'connor

    been away for a while/community riffs

    been out the loop for a while. can i not comment on community riffs anymore>?
  8. Richard O'connor

    Community riffs

    Anyone else having problems on the riff page? Not all, but most off the videos posted, I cant see them. I can see the text that you guys write underneath but the video isn’t showing?
  9. Richard O'connor

    Does anyone know what hes doing?

    does anyone know what Richard Fortus is doing in this guitar solo? its only a quick little lick at 3:15 – 3:17. Is it atonal?
  10. Richard O'connor

    Andrew & I collaborated on his song

    Following Andrew’s challenge to improvise over his track, i sent Andrew a message to see if he wanted to collaborate on his idea for a song. Here it it. If there is any singers out there that want to sing on it let either one of us know, that would be awesome to finish it off. Hope you enjoy it!
  11. Richard O'connor

    have i been hacked?

    I just went into community riffs and it says i’ve posted a riff but i haven’t. I click on it and it says natural born killer. Anyone else seeing it? its the first riff
  12. Richard O'connor

    What does the future hold for a7x

    I’m sitting here listening to guns n roses and got to thinking about their recent come back and just how huge it has been. It got me thinking about avenged and their future. Will they be a band that keeps on going like Metallica or rolling stones, or will they achieve everything they set out for...
  13. Richard O'connor

    Getting on the website

    Anyone else not been able to get on the website for a the last few days?
  14. Richard O'connor

    Having a hard time economy picking

    I’m having a hard time with economy picking. I can’t seem to reach boss level!! I can do each speed on the etudes apart from the full speed. Anyone able to do these? Any tips?
  15. Richard O'connor

    New A7X live DVD?

    I know no one could really answer this other than syn but thought I’d open it up for discussion. I wonder if their will be a new live performance DVD of avenged? The last DVD they did live at LBC is up there with my favourite live dvds. It’s been a while since then with a lot of new material and...
  16. Richard O'connor

    what sets them apart

    I was thinking when you have guitar players like Slash & Synyster gates, etc. Obviously speed wise and possibly theory wise someone like syn or Guthrie govan have the upper hand. But then you have someone like slash, who, is Slash and he cant be rivalled for obvious reasons. So what sets these...
  17. Richard O'connor

    Extended Backing Track

    The extended backing track is now finished. Ive handed it over to John Tierney to deal with on band Heres the link if anyone wants to listen or play around with for the time being.
  18. Richard O'connor

    I have a questions about festivals

    This might be a stupid question but hey ho. Ive been to a few festivals, and i’m going to download festival again this summer. Get to see avenged headlining!. My question is how to bands, especially when headlining sound check? I imagine when they play their own tour shows they can sound check...
  19. Richard O'connor

    Elton John

    Thought this might be worth a watch to any budding song writers out their. Genius improv.
  20. Richard O'connor

    Cold Hands

    Does anyone else suffer from cold hands and struggle to warm them up? Being from the ever miserable UK, the weather isn’t always the best. In fact, its shit….all day…every day. This winter especially i’ve really struggled to warm up my hands and get them moving again even with warm up routines.