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  1. Jak Angelescu

    Getting It Off My Chest

    Some of you may have noticed I deactivated my social media account. And as expected, words buzzed around. I'm going to be 100000% honest with EVERY SINGLE STUDENT HERE... Leave me alone. Stop talking about me. Why I deactivated my page, or what I'm doing, is none of your business. But since...
  2. Jak Angelescu

    Should We Bring Back "Nominations To Post Riffs"?

    Do you all remember when we use to do silly little games inside this community? We'd nominate someone to post a video, or to learn a part of a song, or what not? Should we bring that back? I know I sucked at participating but I'm trying to wiggle my butt back into the community here and I sorely...
  3. Jak Angelescu

    How To Get More Engagement On Your Riff Videos

    Hey everyone! I was browsing through the media section on here to see what everyone is working on, and I see that it still seems to fall short of garnering any real, true help/feedback/attention. (Example: Forum posts will have 20 responses and riff videos won't have one) So I thought of some...
  4. Jak Angelescu

    "Fan" Badges? It'd Be So Much Fun!

    Okay, so we get more than just guitarists here. We have TONS of people that don't play guitar, but they are ENORMOUS cheerleaders and fans of the students and school! I thought it'd be great to have badges for fans like what we get. We'd also be able to recognize what they are on the school, and...
  5. Jak Angelescu

    Making the Site More of a "Guitar Site"

    It would be awesome to see more graphics on the homepage that gives everyone an awesome, inspirational reminder of the greats behind this endeavor. It just looks like a social media page at the moment. Something even like a badass photo of Syn wearing his new badass merch on the left with a text...
  6. Jak Angelescu

    Guitar-Related Member Upgrades

    I would really, REALLY love for the member upgrades to be more guitar-oriented. The ads don't really bother me, the badges don't make a deal, and neither do the emojis. Kiko Loureiro, while having a lot of free lessons, has amazing perks on his site like exclusive lesson features, or even a...
  7. Jak Angelescu

    Pedal Suggestions?

    Hi everyone! I was learning a song tonight and it was from a live video, and one thing I just feel like lacks is sustain or true reverb. I have a Line 6 Spider combo amp. But no matter what guitar I play on, it just seems like the sustain doesn't hold up. You know those sweet, saucy bends that...
  8. Jak Angelescu

    Our Music Is Finally Here!!

    I know many of you follow me on my Instagram page or even my band's page, so you all already know. But for those of you who don't... here's a brief story: Almost 4 years ago I signed up on this school, and I was pretty shitty but I had one big goal in mind, and that was to release music and...
  9. Jak Angelescu

    Dear Alicia...

    Since so many people made wonderful post about me when I was the admin on the school, I am now doing the same thing for my girl @Alicia Willis . She has worked with so many people now and has made wonderful posts and has even taken a mighty stance against online bullying. I just want to openly...
  10. Jak Angelescu

    Some Thoughts I'd Like To Share

    Hello fellow students... First I'd like to say that I'm saying this as a fellow student, not an admin. So please don't think I'm going on a tirade or being bossy and telling everyone what to do, how to act or what to say. I'm saying this as a student, and my experience with this site. I've had...
  11. Jak Angelescu

    Meet Your New Queen/Me Renouncing My Role :)

    My dearest kittens, I know I've done this once before. But the moment I did it, shit hit the fan and I had to jump back on to help remedy some things. But this time it's an official "no turning back" kind of stepping down. This time around, the school has a much bigger team that's very...
  12. Jak Angelescu

    🎁Holiday Gifting For Our Beloved Teachers!🎁

    Hey there students! I KNOW there's so much going on both here on the school and in our hectic lives these days. I've been super cautious about placing this on here again as a reminder about the fun, annual holiday gifting we do for our teachers- Syn, Papa and now Bill. If you're curious why...
  13. Jak Angelescu

    The Dark Night Guitar 🌘

    OK kittens let's fucking be real... HOW SEXY DOES THIS BEAST LOOK??!! What are your thoughts? Black Moon guitar parents, what are your thoughts on the specs compared to the Dark Night? Let's talk!
  14. Jak Angelescu


    Whats up everyone? I'm gonna make this very quick. After today I realized that there are a lot of students that are not getting feedback on their videos that they desperately need. I spent an hour talking with a student today who had a mental breakdown because they thought they did good on their...
  15. Jak Angelescu

    Positive Message For The Students, "Synner Days"

    Hey there, my little kittens :) It's your Momma Cat here. And I am taking a break from recording guitar tracks to dish a little bit of a positive message for you guys. I'm gonna try not to make this long. But it's me, so it probably will be. First of all, I know SO many of you are going...
  16. Jak Angelescu

    Bill Hudson is doing an AMA! Go ask your guitar questions!

    Hey students! If you'd like to ask Bill ANYTHING guitar related, touring or what not, feel free to harass him on his Instagram! @billhudsongtr
  17. Jak Angelescu


    It was definitely hard to pick a winner. But congratulations to @Jacques !! Feel free to watch him rock at the 10:27 mark! I chose Jacques because while EVERYONE kicked massive ass, I felt that Jacques truly captured the essence of Eddie by standing up, rocking out, adding the little nuance...
  18. Jak Angelescu


    Okay, I have no idea what you actually prefer to be called because you've had like 5 nicknames on Instagram since I've known you, but this one was always my favorite :) Please join me in wishing our fellow $ynner, fashion guru, and the admin of the synnerclothing Instagram page, a VERY rocking...
  19. Jak Angelescu

    The Annual Christmas Gift Fundraiser For Our Teachers Is Here!!

    Alright Synners! I started this one early this year because of the pandemic. Here's the link where you can see the photo and read all the fancy gooey gushy talk. Love you guys!
  20. Jak Angelescu


    Guess what.... This has become a CONTEST. And yes, it was Syn's idea. Not mine. I'm just doing the Devil's bidding. :skull::skull:Which means it's legit, which means you all can't fart around. We have beginners who can barely arpeggiate a chord kicking serious ass. If they can do it. So can...