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  1. Ben newton


    Perfect practice makes perfect is absolutely right but only when you know what it is you need to practice. Seems like a riddle really. When you know what you need to practice, practice becomes perfect. Thus, perfect practice = perfect. I'd recommend keeping that speed down until you are fully...
  2. Ben newton

    Comment by 'Ben newton' in media 'Sweet child o'mine intro lick, 80 bpm'

    This is really awesome mate! Glad to hear that you are using a metronome too! Such an important tool. The notes are so clear as well. To be "picky" and I mean really picky, I would just suggest maybe keep a similar picking pattern throughout, and I think you could comfortably bring that...
  3. Ben newton

    Finger position help needed.

    It's interesting to hear peoples opinions on this one! Play what's comfortable, but give the 2nd finger a try too. With the pattern you have given I'd use middle finger for it. However if the pattern was say 7h10h12 I'd 100% use my 3rd! Try some chromatic legato exercises! They are great for...
  4. Ben newton

    How to be a great player

    To me, a great guitar player is someone who has found their voice whatever that may be. I've seen some amazing shredders who have really developed their technique to an incredible level. I have heard some rhythmic and funky guitar players that are natural metronomes and really understand how...
  5. Ben newton

    Critique my playing? Do you like my original melody also?

    Nothing wrong with finger position dude. Thumb is in a good place, and good overall movement from the wrist. And love the vibrato at about 23 seconds in! To think critically, maybe think about the different types of vibrato you can get.Wide, short, slow, quick etc. Think stylistically as well...
  6. Ben newton

    How Is Everyone?

    Hi Jak! I have been adapting constantly. Fortunately, most of my students I teach are all online now, and so have been focusing on the online aspect of tuition. Very much reinventing myself! Bought myself a fancy custom built PC for it (But also for a bit of gaming too!), which will be arriving...
  7. Ben newton

    Comment by 'Ben newton' in media 'Minor swing (100 BPM) improv for Robin'

    I dont know actually. Always said "next acoustic would be one of those" but just never went for it! Always loved the guitar. I might have to sort it out!
  8. Ben newton

    Next Lesson

    Caged system and sweeping joint first! As I said, I will be doing a lesson on CAGED system anyway. I will record the sweeping lesson first and CAGED system shall follow! Thanks to the people who voted!
  9. Ben newton

    Comment by 'Ben newton' in media 'Minor swing (100 BPM) improv for Robin'

    Love this! Nice playing Ids. I've always said to myself my next acoustic would be a Gitane. However I said this years ago, and I am still without one.
  10. Ben newton

    First Solo

    Thank you! Just to clarify with frustration, we can quite easily turn frustration into determination. I'd encourage anyone who feels the frustration to take a moment to pause, breath, and repeat if necessary and try again. But frustration can also cause us to go punk rock on our instruments. If...
  11. Ben newton

    Comment by 'Ben newton' in media 'American Idiot full play through'

    This is cool Ethan! As Jak already said its a semitone out, BUT, solo is in correct key! So just drop everything one fret lower but keep that solo the way you have played it in this vid! Otherwise, pretty solid rhythm playing mate!
  12. Ben newton

    First Solo

    Every challenge is a hurdle. As soon as you have completed a hurdle, you have progressed a little further! Cheddar cheesey analogy there! But I think the frustration is part of progressing! Keep practicing!
  13. Ben newton

    Comment by 'Ben newton' in media 'Picking hand exercise/warm up'

    The exercise sounds absolutely fine. If you are keeping to that speed, it sounds very controlled and confident to the ear. If you are thinking of building the metronome up, try and focus on less movement. If you think about it, the pick doesnt need to jump so far to play a note. If you havent...
  14. Ben newton

    I been slacking on practice

    Practice what initially inspired you to pick up the guitar in the first place. The idea with this is the reason why you picked up the guitar in the first place must have been a strong enough reason to be motivated to practice. Or try going to other way with it. I find in similar moments that...
  15. Ben newton

    Comment by 'Ben newton' in media '1st Attempt at Fingerpicking - "Good Riddance"'

    No probs. Trial and error! Romance De amour! Very good! Be sure to post your progress with that one too! There's a mean 7-11 stretch in there. EDIT: and a 5-9 stretch too
  16. Ben newton

    Comment by 'Ben newton' in media '1st Attempt at Fingerpicking - "Good Riddance"'

    This is a cool song! Awesome song. A song I'd highly recommend for practicing finger picking is REM's Everybody Hurts. Its quite a sad tune, very mellow, but quite a straight forward pattern. With finger picking, it can feel quite strange, especially when we are told to try and get used to that...
  17. Ben newton

    Next Lesson

    Yeah it was a mix of sweeping and caged, more about caged though. Sweeping for this lesson if it wins would purely be sweep based
  18. Ben newton

    Next Lesson

    So I want to get started on my next lessons, and thought I'd do my first poll to decide what should be done next. One of these options I might do anyway, because the CAGED system is very important! But would be good to see what people would like to see in the Student Tutorial tab. Let me know!
  19. Ben newton

    songs recommendations for beginner

    7 Nation Army - White Stripes Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple Everybody Hurts - REM Man on the Moon - REM Little By Little - Oasis Bad Romance - Lady gaga Breaking the Law - Judas Priest Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley Iron Man - Black Sabbath Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
  20. Ben newton

    Picking hand

    The thing with bad habits is they can really affect your development later on down the line, if not sooner. This is because constant tension can cause issues with muscles, tendons, stress etc. Stuff that can really take you out of practice for a number of weeks or months if serious. Try not to...