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  1. Laur Trandafir

    Buzz from neck pickup

    Hey guys, I have a Schecter Syn Custom-S and when I switch to the neck pickup or the middle, I get some buzzing which is noticeable. It doesn't happen on the bridge pickup. Any way I can solve this at home? Or should I take it to a luthier? Thank you all!
  2. Laur Trandafir

    Synyster Christ Bass Guitar?

    A few weeks ago, Johnny made an insta-story about “Drinks with Johnny” and in the background there’s what appears to be a bass with the Syn Gates guitar looks (see screenshot) . Anyone know more about this? Or perhaps Syn/Johnny wanna showcase it for us a little?😏
  3. Laur Trandafir

    Boss GT1 Patches/Packs

    I don’t know where to ask, so I’ll just ask here: is it possible to import other pre amps on the Boss GT1, eg. a Marshall or a specific amp, like you can import Syn’s cab packs on the Axe FX? I hope my question is clear, thanks for any answers!
  4. Laur Trandafir

    Syn's tone on Boss GT-1?

    Hello guys! I've bought a Boss GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor, and I'm curious on what amps and pedals on it I should use to get the closest tone to Syn's. I've made my own tone which I like, but it's not quite there, so if anyone has a Boss GT series and knows some patches/set ups for Syn's...
  5. Laur Trandafir

    Pickup problem

    Hello guys, I recently bought a Schecter Syn Custom-S. It seems to have a problem though. When I switch to the bridge pickup using the pickup switch, it sometimes starts giving a very low gain output, but the other pickups work fine. When I switch the sustainiac on from the neck or middle...
  6. Laur Trandafir

    Syn Satin vs Gloss

    For anyone who has both the Satin finish and the Gloss finish, is the Satin neck any better? My current guitar has a bolt-on neck like the Syn Gloss version, and I don’t know if I want to keep the bolt-on or change to the the “smoother” version, which is easier to reach the 24th fret. Is there...