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  1. Mariler Ferrer


    I've been thinking a lot about this lately, especially since I jumped in in the improv challenge that @Ids Schiere started. The thing is that thanks to the challenge I'm exposing myself a lot, all my weaker spots show up when I try an improv and this is definitely waking me up as a player...
  2. Mariler Ferrer

    "The more I learn, the less I know", did you ever had this feeling?

    It’s just my thoughts but I’m sure I’m not the only one here having sometimes this feeling. There is so much involved on guitar learning… I don’t really think it’s a bad thing feeling like that. I mean, I guess I learn like in circles. I focus on one thing at a time, then move on to the next...
  3. Mariler Ferrer

    Active vs. Pasive Pickups

    Ok, I'm a total noob on gear and have no clue what the difference is between active and pasive pickups. I'm thinking of getting a Boss WL-20 or WL-20L wireless system and I'm reading that WL-20 is for passive pickups and Wl-20L for active ones. This is driving me crazy because I don't know...
  4. Mariler Ferrer

    Does anybody have any tips to help me memorize the fretboard? Please Help!!!

    Hey 👋, I feel so jealous when I see guitarists improvising, finding the right chords that work with the scales they're using, knowing the notes on the fretboard!! That's why I decided to set this new goal and made a point of learning the fretboard, which I've been actually postponing since I...
  5. Mariler Ferrer

    Let’s help each other more than ever during this COVID situation

    We’re going through a really tough situation worldwide. Some of us have already been quarantined for some days and others are about to be. Staying home for a long time is not easy and I’m reading posts of other students being already stressed out by the situation and that worries me because...
  6. Mariler Ferrer

    Sunday thought to encourage other students

    Yesterday was the Rare Disease Day. My son was born with a rare disease, but I am not actually writing these thoughts for you to be sorry for us (I actually hate compassion), but to share with you everything I learn from him every single day: PATIENCE-STRUGGLE-CONSISTENT WORK One of the reasons...
  7. Mariler Ferrer

    Should I start learning solos?

    I'm having this concern lately, I usually learn the rhythm parts of the songs and mostly ignore the solos 😬. When I started learning 2 years ago it was ok, because they were too difficult to me, but now, after 2 years learning I'd like to improve my technique skills and learning solos I think...
  8. Mariler Ferrer

    DonI get my old guitar fixed?

    Hey guys! Been away from this forum for a while (been practicing though) I’d love to hear your opinions about this. I have my old Jackson guitar with Floyd rose bridge going out of tune all the time. I took it to the store for a setup twice in a year but the problem is still there. Should I get...
  9. Mariler Ferrer

    Congrats A7X live

    I just saw them a couple hours ago in Download Madrid. It was awesome!!! They nailed it and I enjoyed soooo much. Just perfect an M Shadows voice in a good shape. Congrats guys!!! I loved it 👍👍😊
  10. Mariler Ferrer

    Amp modelling software

    I just got an audio interface and i’m starting to dig into pro tools. I don’t actually have a clue how it works jet but I am curious about it. Which amp modelling software are you guys using? Is there any free decent one? I’m just trying to get familiar with that stuff and have a little fun...
  11. Mariler Ferrer

    Some tips needed to buy a guitar

    I am replacing my old guitar and I’m going to get a new one this weekend. The local stores where I live don’t have what I want and I’ll be visiting some stores in Madrid on saturday. I don’t know any experimented player who can come with me and help me. That is why I would appreciate some tips...
  12. Mariler Ferrer

    Van anybody help me with this Scale?

    The other day I was practicing the A minor scale positions, but my intuition kind of guided me and I started to find all over the fretboard notes that didn’t fit in the minor shapes anymore. The sound reminded me a lot of arabian music. I did a google search to try to find what I was playing and...
  13. Mariler Ferrer

    Does anybody use PRS guitars?

    My guitar is very old and is giving me trouble lately. I’m considering buying a new one and I heard prs are awesome. Does anybody use one or know somebody who does? I’d love to hear your opinions.
  14. Mariler Ferrer

    Scales on a chord progression

    Can anybody tell me how do I know which scales are compatible with a chord progression?