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  1. Ezequiel Romanko

    Improv over songs challenge

    hey guys do you want to join this challenge? the rules are simple, just pick up a song you love and improvise the solo to a guitar backing track of that song! i chose a song instead of a jam track because i found jam tracks less emotional if that makes any sense. then after you record yourself...
  2. Ezequiel Romanko

    Question about IRs

    Hi guys i've been recently hearing about IRs, what are they? and how do i use them?
  3. Ezequiel Romanko

    Importance of a proper warm up for beginners and not so beginners

    Hi guys i've recentely seen some posts about this, and i would love to tell you some tips and the importance of warm up not only your hands/fingers but the entire body. So let's start, when we play guitar we use more than simply our hands or fingers, just like in soccer you don't use only your...
  4. Ezequiel Romanko

    Advise on SGR C1 FR guitar needed

    hi guys how have you been?, i hope you are home and safe! i need some advise on SGR c1 fr , im thinking about buy that guitar, does anyone have it? is it a good inversion? PD: in my country the price of guitars are really expensive so affording a first mark guitar from shecter gibson ibanez...
  5. Ezequiel Romanko

    Im back!

    Hey guys i was a little bit lost on the site i was trying really hard to track down my demos for an EP album, but it's so hard i just ended up mad at myself cuz i wanted perfection on the demos and i can't find the point where i say okay i really like this, it's always the same for me, the drums...
  6. Ezequiel Romanko

    Working on recording songs on my home studio

    Hi guys im trying to get down some songs to make an EP, i got 4 songs totally written for recording them and mixing them, how i should start? i didn't went to a studio or make a serious recording of my songs, should i practice a lot the songs with metronome before recording? what i should record...
  7. Ezequiel Romanko

    Happy Birthday Hayden Dupree

    Happy birthday dude i hope you have a really great day! keep rockin' 🤘
  8. Ezequiel Romanko

    Breakdown series

    this question is for Syn, will you continue the Breakdown videos series in the future? i'd love to see more :) i really like to see how you created the songs and what its there that we didn't hear :) does anyone think like me?
  9. Ezequiel Romanko

    What Chords can you use to play over Power chords?

    i was wondering what chords i can play to add field and embelishment to Power chords. what chords you use over them?
  10. Ezequiel Romanko

    About harmonizing vocals

    what techniques can be used for Harmonizing vocals? i've only heard about thirds, and contrary motion ( breakdown video of Save Me haha). i'm working on harmonizing some songs that i've made for backing vocals.
  11. Ezequiel Romanko

    Is worth using pro tools 12 in a home studio? without HDX systems.

    I was wondering if it's worth using pro tools in my home studio ( i have a pc, an audio interface and some AKG K52 Headphones, im lacking of studio monitors for now cuz they are too expensive in my country). If is not, what other DAW could work for me?
  12. Ezequiel Romanko

    Riff Challenge Game! Everybody feel free to participate

    hi guys this will be the post for the challenge i told ya about yesterday :) for those who don't know what it is, you have to challenge the person above you on the comments to play the main riff of the song YOU chose of any genre you want :) and the other person has to upload it on the riff...
  13. Ezequiel Romanko

    Idea for a MiniContest or a Game

    I have an idea of a little game or contest, it will consist of a challenge to play a main riff of a song that other people will decide, and then the challenged person will have to upload the riff on the riff section by the name of Riff Challenge or if you have a better name to call it feel free...
  14. Ezequiel Romanko

    How many times have you seen A7X live?

    hi guys how many times have you seen avenged sevenfold live and in where city and year was that? and what its your favourite moment of each time? i sadly just one :( when they came to argentina in 2014 and it was the best thing in my life til now , i remember that i was in the middle of the...
  15. Ezequiel Romanko

    Question about the circle of fifths

    hey guys i have a question of the circle of fifths, the order in that scales appear (C-G-D-A-E-B-F#-C#) are the order of closer tonalities? i don't how it's called in english sorry but i think it's something that has to be with modulations and with shared chords between tonalities. can someone...
  16. Ezequiel Romanko

    Scales to play Blues

    hi guys i wanted to ask what scales i could use to play to blues backing tracks?
  17. Ezequiel Romanko

    help with fingers stretch

    i was practicing to the 3 notes per string pentatonic etudes and i feel a horrible pain from the stretches, is this normal?
  18. Ezequiel Romanko

    Help with the pentatonic etudes from syn

    does anyone knows where they are? i can't find them and i was practicing that haha
  19. Ezequiel Romanko

    what scales are used for playing gypsy jazz?

    hey guys i wanted to improvise along with gypsy backing tracks but i don’t really give a clue on what scales im supposed to play it. can someone help me?
  20. Ezequiel Romanko

    tip for when you think you're stucked on your playing

    hey guys how is it goin’? i created this post for people who thinks or feel like they are stuck in their practice progress, a very cool thing to do to not feel like that is playing something related to the skill you’re learning for example if you’re practicing alternate play something that uses...