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  1. MNR SYN

    Avenged Sevenfold Style Backing Track

    Hello! I made a new A7x style backing track, you can use it for guitar improvisation practicing or even some inspiration for rock music writing. Heavily influenced by City of Evil, Self Titled, Nightmare and Hail To The King album. It is all heavy riff with some lead harmonisation.
  2. MNR SYN

    New 2020 EP

    Hello guys, I hope this is an appropriate place to promote my band's new EP, it is named "In Over My Head", only 5 songs, just came out in 2020. One of them "The Place" maybe you already listen, it is remastered into this EP. A lot of Avenged Sevenfold, MUSE, Soundgarden, Linkin Park and Plini...
  3. MNR SYN

    Progressive Metal Writing

    Hello guys! Recently I listen to some Progressive Metal songs like Plini, Dream Theater, Intervals, Animals As Leaders so I get the influences to write metal prog songs for my band. What prog metal time signature is cool and comfortable to play beside 5/4, 7/8/ 9/8? And I want to know your...
  4. MNR SYN

    I made this cool A7x backing track and need you guys to listen to it

    The writing was heavily influenced by The Stage (2016) album. Hope you guys loved it!
  5. MNR SYN

    Kiesel Solo Contest 2019

    I hope schecter made a contest too. My entry for Kiesel solo contest 2019, you guys should give a try!
  6. MNR SYN


    Synyster Gates BEST SOLOs Medley Cover (Special Syn’s Birthday) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR BEST MUSICIAN AND TEACHER!
  7. MNR SYN

    Same Solo 4 Years Apart – Guitar Progress

    Made this video for you guys! It’s Hail To The King!
  8. MNR SYN

    Cannot post video, share your riffs/solo here

    Everybody loves Seize The Day, I did the solo cover recently, but couldn’t post it on community riffs. So I am gonna put the video and ask you guys to give some comment and feedback. I think we can post, discuss, like and comment riffs here until the website is fixed.
  9. MNR SYN

    I need support from you guys!

    Hey guys! I’ve been writing songs for my band since 2018, got a really big influence from Avenged Sevenfold and some from other metal and rock bands. Writing weird yet cool and memorable guitar riffs and solo is a thing I purpose to do so much in this band. And finally my band finished one song...
  10. MNR SYN


    For guitar player who connect the guitar to PC and using guitar rig 5 software for the effects and output. I made this Synyster Gates preset just for you. download link : how to use and demonstration ...