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  1. Adithya

    Help guyssss , im stuck.......

    Hey guys , im kinda having trouble playing solos . the problem is it sucks..... But when im playing riff its not that bad . is there any kind of technique or anything very basic I missed out while playing solos . im able to play riffs with speed ( not superfast , but its fast). And when im...
  2. Adithya

    Sgs instagram contest

    Hey guys , have you seen this new contest. im kinda new here , so can you guys tell me what should I do in detail ......
  3. Adithya

    A small doubt

    Hey metalheads, im using esp ltd mt-130 guitar which is an absolute beginer guitar , should I buy new intermediate guitar or just upgrade the humbucker ........ Which is better?
  4. Adithya

    Hey metalheads

    I wanna buy a new amp , could you guys suggest me some budget priced amps