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  1. Set me free by avenged sevenfold solo cover

    Set me free by avenged sevenfold solo cover

    This is my cover of the solo of set me free by avenged sevenfold. I hope you enjoy it :)
  2. Pablo De Miguel

    Power chords and harmony context

    Ok. Thank you!
  3. Pablo De Miguel

    Power chords and harmony context

    I remember reading on the syn´s tips section (I don´t remember in which lesson I saw that) that even the simpliest power chord can imply major or minor depending on the harmony contest. I think I understand it but to make shure I got it I am making this post. So lets supose we are in the key of...
  4. "Holy Hell" by architects

    "Holy Hell" by architects

    This is the first cover that I record with an audio interface. A good friend of mine helped me a lot telling me how to use it and he mixed my recording whith the song and I think that the result is pretty good
  5. Improvisation etude day 7

    Improvisation etude day 7

    It took me a while to make this video,but here it is. I finally know the arpeggios within every position of the major scale but I still have a lot to learn and practice about arpeggios
  6. improvisation etude day 6

    improvisation etude day 6

    One more day! At this point I feel that i'm starting to really know were are the arpeggios that I want to play and I think that my improvisation while thinking on what arpeggios play is getting more smoth. I think that the melodies that I play on this video are less shitier that the other videos...
  7. improvisation etude day 5

    improvisation etude day 5

    One more position!! This time I added the fifht position and I played some chromaticisms here and there
  8. Pablo De Miguel

    Comment by 'Pablo De Miguel' in media 'improvisation etude day 4'

    Thank you! But I still have A LOT to work on and improve and my sense of melody and improvisation skills didn't came out of nowere, it is just a matter of practice,anyone can get that skills.
  9. improvisation etude day 4

    improvisation etude day 4

    I finally added the fourth position to my arpeggios-improvisation exercises. It still sounds really sloppy but I came out whith some cool melodies
  10. Guardian by tristam cover

    Guardian by tristam cover

    Happy haloween ;)
  11. improvisation etude day 3

    improvisation etude day 3

    This day I added the thirth position to improvise with. At this point I feel that my melodies are getting smoother because I know better were are the arpeggios that I need to play and I change between arpeggios more confidently but my playing is still really sloppy.
  12. Pablo De Miguel

    Comment by 'Pablo De Miguel' in media 'improv etude day 1'

    Yes,you can move a double stop from one position to an other position of the caged system, however, im working on the arpeggios of the lesson 50
  13. Pablo De Miguel

    Comment by 'Pablo De Miguel' in media 'Loud by polyphia cover'

    Thank you!! It can´t be seen on the video but I used a lot the volume and tone knobs trying to get the different textures that polyphia uses on that song XD. Also, could you tell me what you don´t like about my vibrato so I can start working on fix it??
  14. Pablo De Miguel

    Comment by 'Pablo De Miguel' in media 'improv etude day 1'

    XD For now I will just learn all the shapes in every position because when you add one more position there are more and more things to think and care about while improvising but once I get that down I will start working on double stops and trying to do more interesting things as you sugested and...
  15. Loud by polyphia cover

    Loud by polyphia cover

    There are some sloppy parts here and there but overall I think I played it good
  16. Pablo De Miguel

    Guitar names?

    My les paul name is Saphira and my Schecter Syn Gates standard name is R2D2 XD
  17. Pablo De Miguel


    Hi! I´m spanish so I can tell you somethig about flamenco :). I think that people outside Spain see flamenco as the steriotipe spanish music but it is the traditional music of just one region of spain: Andalucia. However it has influenced a lot of music outside Andalucia. Im not from Andalucia...
  18. improvisation etude day 2

    improvisation etude day 2

    This time I added one more positionto my improvisaton excersice.
  19. Afterlife cover

    Afterlife cover

    There are some tempo issues, but I will work to improve my tempo :)
  20. improv etude day 1

    improv etude day 1

    So my current goal is to really know the major scale(and the modes consecuently). To do that I´m going to learn every single arpeggio within the scale(as PG teach on lessons 50 and 51) and then I´m going to improvise over a backing track and every single time that the chord changes I will try to...