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  1. Alec Lewis

    Pro tools installing third party amp sims

    So I got my Focusrite Scarlett Solo for Christmas and i've just about got everything set up right, now im just trying to figure out how to get my amp sims to pull up in the pro tools software. Pro Tools First on Windows 64-Bit is the specific version im using and the amp sims i downloaded are...
  2. Alec Lewis

    Audio Interface for playing/recording at home.

    Hey everyone just had a question about an audio interface I am looking at for christmas this year. I was looking to get the Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen, Here is a link for reference: (I dont believe the link posts but a quick amazon search will find what im looking at) I was just...
  3. Alec Lewis

    Hyperspeed downpicking?!

    So i'm learning the intro riff to Another Heart by Tremonti and it has some insanely fast downpicking, like near master of puppets level for sure, and also a weird beat that makes it considerably harder. I managed to get the beat down and I can play the riff comfortably at about 80 BPM, the song...
  4. Alec Lewis

    First time back since updated site

    I am returning to the site and going all the way back to beginner lessons for a nice refresh of the basics. I gotta say, this updated site really makes going through the lessons feel a lot smoother, for lack of a better word, and i'm excited to progress through all of the lessons. Any tips...
  5. Alec Lewis

    Floyd Rose "maintenance"…

    Ok so, my some what brand new Floyd rose shecter was having some problems with the tremelo bar coming loose a lot so I decided to take a look at it.(I know now that I could have just used thread tape) I was looking at the actual bridge itself and the threaded piece that is attached to the...
  6. Alec Lewis

    Push/Pull tone knobs

    So I recently got a schecter omen extreme 6 FR and I noticed that it has a push/pull tone knobs and two volume knobs. I was wondering if anyone could explain to me how to utilize this as I am only familiar with a two knob guitar (volume and tone). I also don’t know what the push/pull knob does...
  7. Alec Lewis


    I need some tips on beginning to learn jazz guitar. Where should I start and what should I focus on learning.
  8. Alec Lewis

    Bb Chord Progression

    I was talking to my Jazz Teacher at my school, and i’m thinking about trying out next year. He told me that a lot of the stuff they are working on uses Bb chord progression specifically Bb, Eb, and F, or I, IV , V i think is the notation for the progression. Anyways I was wondering if anyone...
  9. Alec Lewis

    New content?

    So I haven’t been keeping up with the news of the site lately but I looked on syn’s Instagram and saw a lot of posts suggesting an updated lesson library from syn himself. I was just wanting to confirm if this is the case or if it’s something else.
  10. Alec Lewis

    Seize the day

    Does anyone know of a good lesson out there for seize the day. I was thinking it would be the perfect song to help with chord transissions as well as being able to play an A7X song. Also if anyone has time to make a lesson that would be a huge help as well.
  11. Alec Lewis

    Guitar to PC?

    So I have a probably basic tech question. If I have my guitar plugged into my amp (like I normally would) and I also have the Rocksmith aux to USB adapter, could I get away with plugging that into the headphone out Jack and into my pc (ignoring sound quality for now…just want to get a method to...
  12. Alec Lewis

    Guitar buying help

    I was wanting to get a guitar with a tremolo bar already attached and I was wondering if anybody knew a good priced guitar. Or do you think it would be cheaper to get a Ibanez bridge with tremolo attachment installed on my guitar. (My guitar is an Ibanez) I would prefer this as I really like my...
  13. Alec Lewis

    Lesson progress

    Assuming these lessons are your only source of guitar learning, about how far into the program should you expect to be able to branch off from lessons and do your own thing.
  14. Alec Lewis

    Song tutorial requests

    I wanted to create this post so if anyone had some song tutorial requests…as I do… Then maybe some people in the community can help out with a link or even their own tutorial. Any songs are welcome.
  15. Alec Lewis

    Starting a band

    This is a question that i don’t really know how to phrase, but I was wondering how you would get people in a band if you didn’t have a full group of people that you knew could play instruments. I am by no means anywhere close to being to play in a band but I do have a friend who is great at the...