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  1. Donovan Etue

    Live in the LBC just went live on Spotify!

    For those who use Spotify anyway you can now finally stream the live show as an album!
  2. Donovan Etue

    Kiko Loureiro of Megadeth on Coffee with Ola.

    Hey guys. Earlier today Ola Englund uploaded a "Coffee with Ola" video featuring Kiko from Megadeth. It's a 35 min long interview with Kiko going over early influences, his current signature guitar, and a few of his practicing techniques and how he uses them whether it's learning to play some of...
  3. Donovan Etue

    Metal Hammer

    Hey guys, my Metal Hammer magazine covering Jimmy and Avenged Sevenfold finally arrived today! Has anyone else received theirs yet?
  4. Donovan Etue

    Guitars for Classical Position?

    Hey guys and gals, I've been learning to play guitar since March and have enjoyed it immensely. With it coming up on a year since I started I have begun looking for my second guitar. I play in classical position due to it being just easier for me to play decently that way. A few of the guitars...