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  1. Jak Angelescu

    Getting It Off My Chest

    Some of you may have noticed I deactivated my social media account. And as expected, words buzzed around. I'm going to be 100000% honest with EVERY SINGLE STUDENT HERE... Leave me alone. Stop talking about me. Why I deactivated my page, or what I'm doing, is none of your business. But since...
  2. Jak Angelescu

    Intermediate What gives modes their unique sound?

    Hi there! Essentially modes aren't exactly scales although most people think of them like that. They CAN be called that, but there's so much more to it. They're actually inversions of the scale. What gives modes their characteristic sounds are the INTERVALS that make up the mode. What makes...
  3. Jak Angelescu

    Some personal stuff I'd like to share

    I think the best thing in the entire world on a path to recovery, is recognizing there is a problem, and then actually realizing what the problem IS. These are huge, enormous steps, and they are the first steps on to full recovery and a much better life. I fully appreciate you coming to light...
  4. Jak Angelescu

    Just wanted to say thank you

    You have no idea how excited I am and how happy I was when this was offered. This is something that's sorely needed here! I look forward to the 26th of March! Thank you for taking the time to do this for us, we're all so appreciative!
  5. Jak Angelescu

    Comment by 'Jak Angelescu' in media 'Return to SGS Lesson 18: Palm Muting!'

    I REALLY loved this! You definitely have improved a ton!! Your rhythm is pretty solid even without a metronome! Great job Rowan!🙌🙌
  6. Jak Angelescu

    Our 1st Music Production Class!

    OMG!! I hope I'm not too late!
  7. Jak Angelescu

    Comment by 'Jak Angelescu' in media 'Almost Easy solo!'

    Very nice!! Loved it! Also, you don't have to worry about fancy setups and camera work here😎 just be real! Great tone!
  8. Jak Angelescu

    Comment by 'Jak Angelescu' in media 'Exist'

    I just adore your voice I don't care what you say
  9. Jak Angelescu

    Comment by 'Jak Angelescu' in media '"Demons" solo - A7X (75% Speed) - SYNNER SUNDAYS'

    I don't care that you only have it at 75% speed this is exactly the kind of shit we love to see on this school! And can we just sit here and talk about your vibrato and great tone?! GREAT FUCKING WORK!
  10. Jak Angelescu

    Comment by 'Jak Angelescu' in media 'Welcome to the family #synnersundays'

    Hey there buddy! Your video got chopped all weird and it was very difficult to see. Could you upload it with YouTube? This sounded badass!
  11. Jak Angelescu

    Comment by 'Jak Angelescu' in media 'Eight days a week - the Beatles #synnersundays'

    OMG THIS IS SO STINKING CUTE!! You are such a damn good rhythm guitarist!!! 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩
  12. Jak Angelescu

    Comment by 'Jak Angelescu' in media 'Avenged Sevenfold - A Little Piece Of Heaven (Cover audio by This Means war & Rot10 Music)'

    Hey buddy. To be honest this school gets hundreds of posts like this all the time. Fancy thumbnail, professional video, wanting Syn to hear/watch it...etc. I'm just gonna let you know that this style of video doesn't get a lot of attention from the community. When students come in openly...
  13. Jak Angelescu

    Sensitive Skin on Fingers

    @Ids Schiere Is actually the hero of the day for helping me with a very similar problem. I told the school once many years ago that I feel like my calluses are always building but never truly form and they continuously hurt and tear. He told me to make sure that I didn't do anything like take a...
  14. Frozen 2 - Show Yourself Day 1

    Frozen 2 - Show Yourself Day 1

    My hands hurt after practicing this for two hours😂 but revisiting the old lessons today made me realize how much I'm lacking in the basics all over again.
  15. Jak Angelescu

    RiffChallenge Reloaded

    here is my riff! I'm practicing it so I definitely mess up @Jesse Salmons I choose you! (Since we all like Pokémon here). Riff is any part of Crucified Barbara "Rock Me Like The Devil". Have fun!
  16. Jak Angelescu

    Should We Bring Back "Nominations To Post Riffs"?

    You got it!! I'll resurrect the old one above as mentioned! Let me upload what I've worked on really quickly
  17. Jak Angelescu

    Important Strumming Patterns – Lesson 19

    I am glad to hear I am not the only one! I'm getting a little bit more used to muting but the scraping on my index finger is killing me lol! I also have tried many different ways and I just can't seem to find anything
  18. Jak Angelescu

    Important Strumming Patterns – Lesson 19

    I'm actually revisiting these beginner lessons and that muting the "2 and 4" is a lot harder than it seems, and I considered myself a decent rhythm guitarist! I'm having trouble not scraping the top of my picking hand index finger on the strings when I mute the 2 and 4 with my right hand as...