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    Sweep Picking X

    i finally completed this today itself after i played the same this for 130 time.Thanks syn ill practice more.Maybe one day i can become a person like you and maybe i can collab with you.
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    Who has finished with covering of afterlife?

    you are really good.You have got clean tone that shows that you’ve been practicing hard.
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    What's your dream guitar collection?

    Fender 1961 hot rod red stratocaster New axe fx 3 or other latest product by fractal audio. new cameras that is sony eos700 or higher model. Marshall JCM2000
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    Who has finished with covering of afterlife?

    oh ids it is amazing.How much old are you? from how many years you are playing guitar.
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    Who has finished with covering of afterlife?

    Lets check who has finished covering the afterlife solo and rythm parts.Pls post your videos.
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    Solo Trouble

    yeah there’s some trouble with my english.I meant that i have been playing guitar from past 2 years.Yeah watch this.
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    Solo Trouble

    I am a 15 year old boy. I’ve been playing guitar since 2 years and I’ve been a very big fan of synyster gates.I couldn’t watch them live even once because I live in India.Syn inspired me a lot and i have developed speed skill and I never got into trouble for soloing even through the fire and...