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  1. ashley willis

    String tension and playing fast

    This is one for @Ed Seith. My EVH has 9-42 strings now and I tuned down 1/2 step, and of course there’s more slack in the strings which I normally like. But trying to play certain things, like a fast pedal point lick, I feel like my pick gets “stuck” trying to go across the strings due to the...
  2. ashley willis

    Top mount vs recessed Floyd Rose.

    I just bought a guitar with a top mount Floyd Rose and I know it’s mostly dive only which is fine. Is there any difference in the setup and tuning etc. that’s different from the typical recessed guitars?
  3. ashley willis

    Fender American Professional II Strat

    Has anybody played the new American Pro II strats? Any thoughts?
  4. ashley willis

    “Uncomfortable” guitar to play.

    Recently, my Les Paul is becoming more and more uncomfortable to play. The weight of it is hurting my shoulders and making my posture worse, as I lean forward to play it. Also it seems I’m having more trouble playing certain things with my left hand despite having a good setup on it. I have...
  5. ashley willis

    Legato tips.

    Looking for advice on playing legato. I’m fairly decent at the technique except when playing scales/exercises and I work backwards. Going up the board and hammer ons are no problem, but my pull offs going back down are weak and when I add a little more to the pull off, I get a lot of extra...
  6. ashley willis

    Playing with backing tracks

    Is there a way to play backing tracks and be able to adjust bpm? Certain app or program to be able to do this?
  7. ashley willis

    Les Paul pickups

    I have a 2018 Gibson Les Paul Standard that I changed the pickups to Fishman Fluence Modern after buying it. I’ve had them a while and it seems something is still missing from my tone and debating about going back to passives. I play mostly heavier rock/metal. Thoughts/experiences on certain...
  8. ashley willis

    Cutting back on extra string noise

    Besides just practicing and getting better, how do you cut back on extra string noise while playing? I have a noise gate which helps. I know hi gain amps and pickups will pickup the extra noises easier. I try to mute the strings I don’t want to play with right and left hand but sometimes I still...
  9. ashley willis

    YouTube lessons

    How many of you use YouTube lessons for specific songs? What channels or people do you like to watch? Watching Carl Brown and trying to learn Rainbow in the Dark by Dio today. Torturing myself, lol.
  10. ashley willis

    Not too expensive guitar for lower tunings

    Looking for a not too expensive (-$1,000) guitar that would work good for lower tunings like C standard down to drop A at lowest. Fixed bridge, preferably EMG pickups but not that big a deal. Any suggestions?
  11. ashley willis

    Do the pros ever get frustrated?

    I know all of us here are trying to learn and better ourselves at guitar. That inevitably brings a lot of frustration and 4 letter words. I wonder if the pros such as Sun and Papa Gates ever get pissed off trying to play or learn something and just have to put it down for a while like I do?
  12. ashley willis

    Blackstar HT Studio 20

    Anybody have a Blackstar Studio 20? I just changed the speaker to a Celestion Vintage 30 and all tubes to JJ tubes set and sounds sooo much better. It’s like playing a brand new, more expensive amp. Recommended upgrades if anybody else has one.
  13. ashley willis

    “Feeling” and “emotion” in music.

    Does anybody else get a certain feeling from hearing music in a certain tuning or guitar tone? Do you feel different hearing music in different tunings or certain tones? I’m sure I’m not the only one. What tunings/tones/songs give you a certain feeling or emotion when hearing it?
  14. ashley willis

    Help with picking technique.

  15. ashley willis

    How do you practice?

    When you want to learn a specific style or technique, do you try to learn exercises or learn songs/parts of songs that use the style/technique? I typically like to learn songs/parts of songs that use a certain technique and practice that part until I get somewhat better at it. What works better...