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  1. Kai C

    Hammer Ons/ Pull Offs and Timing

    Hey guys, still working on nailing down the timing basics. I've been using a metronome a lot more lately and right now I'm practicing something that includes hammer ons and pull offs at the beginning and end of each measure. Do you usually hit those ho/po notes as a half note inbetween beats or...
  2. Kai C

    Time management and feeling overwhelmed

    Hey guys, it's been a while for me. I got into Okinawa almost a month ago and as anybody who's moved around a lot knows, this shit's stressful. Just finally got my stuff back 2 days ago....I shipped everything in November. So it was the first time getting to play a guitar in almost a month since...
  3. Kai C

    December 28 -The Rev appreciation

    I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and I hope the start to your next year will be wonderful. Today is the exact middle of the two holidays so it's the lull where not much happens. 10 years ago today we lost an inspirational person. Jimmy was loved by us the fans and his family and...
  4. Kai C

    New Year, New Decade, Better You

    Hello my Synner family, I hope all of your holidays are going well, wherever you are in the world. @Calvin Phillips pointed out something on Rowans' post concerning @Jak Angelescu the other day. He mentioned how things get a little dead around here when Jak is not around and we need to be the...
  5. Kai C

    Syn is this true???

    @Syn Gates I need some answers here. I can only speak from some personal experience.
  6. Kai C

    How did you start with tech?

    Hey @Ed Seith I'm linking you in this but I'd like to leave this open to everyone. How did you start learning tech/hardware besides just jumping into it? Anything to practice or be mindful of? I have new pick-ups and tuning pegs coming in to start beefing up my strat with when I get to Japan...
  7. Kai C

    Thank you everybody

    So the new school is out and the holiday season is about to come so I thought I'd say some thanks to all of you lovely people here. It's been pretty quiet here on the forums lately and I think the nicest thing I saw recently was Jak asking how everybody is doing. I see the usual people posting...
  8. Kai C

    Fingerpicking, any advice?

    Hey guys, I’m an absolute beginner -I got my first guitar just a little over a month ago (a cheap Peavey in a strat model with a small Peavey amp to match) and I have zero prior music experience. Needless to say I’m total new guy but it’s so far been crazy fun/frustrating trying to pick up...