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  1. beatrix


    Happy Easter to you all dear #SYNNERS, have a magic day and please stay safe!! a special wish goes to @Brian Haner Sr. and @Syn Gates and to all their family!! love you ❤️🐣💫
  2. beatrix

    Happy Birthday Jimmy.🥂🖤

    Happy Birthday to one of our greatest inspirations and to one of the biggest genius we have. Happy Birthday James The Rev Sullivan. ♡︎ we love you man, i’m sure you’re having a great party in your little piece of heaven.🥂 foREVer.
  3. beatrix

    What’s your BIGGEST dream with music?

    Yo #Family! how are you? I was thinking about what I really want to do with music, how I’d like to take advantage of this passion for the future, and things like that... I was wondering if I will ever be able to make my dream come true with music, which basically is to have a band, to make our...
  4. beatrix

    Happy New Year!🎊⭐️

    i don’t know what’s the time in your city, but here it’s midnight so HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!🎊🥳🎈🍾🥂 hoping this year can be a better one. a special thanks goes to this incredible community that has always made me feel very welcomed and made me learn so many things. thank you to @Brian Haner Sr...
  5. beatrix

    help me with improvisation

    hey fam, wanted to ask you a question. its a doubt i’ve been carrying for some time and i want to clarify...well, which technique do you use when you improvise? at the moment i use pentatonics, since i haven’t yet learned well how to use major, minor, modal scales ecc. if for example a backing...
  6. beatrix

    Merry Christmas!🎁❤️🎄

    have a WONDERFUL Xmas you all, i hope you will spend this day in the best way and in the company of your family.✨✨ Thank you for this wonderful year in the school and for the great experiences here. i know this have been a very hard year but thanks to this school things went a little better...
  7. beatrix

    Music recommendations

    Hi folks!! first of all how are you doing? i hope you’re feeling good even trough this bad situation. then i have a question....can you recommend me some blues or jazz guitarists? 🤔🤔 wanted to elaborate on new genres and artists
  8. beatrix

    Hi Everyone!

    my name’s Beatrice, i’m from Italy and i’m happy to be here and to start learning some techniques with Syn and Papa Gates. i’ve been playing since 2018 and i hope to become a good guitarist one day! love you all 🥰