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  1. Daniel Bernard

    What's your song writting process?

    Man… I wrote this really fucking cool and emotional 30 sec long riff… But I wrote it maybe 3 months ago and I DONT FREAKING KNOW WHAT TO ADD TO IT, WHAT TO HAVE AS A BACKING TRACK FOR IT… Basically I have no clue what to do with it and it saddens me because I really feel like there is something...
  2. Daniel Bernard

    Has anyone ever given boutique guitar picks a try? What were your thoughts?

    I’ve tried Dragon Heart picks for a while, great tone and insane playability (easiest picks to play with ever for me). Wasn’t a fan of the shape and it doesn’t have enough attack in my opinion. I just got some Gravity picks in the mail today, different thicknesses of the Classic Pointed Big Mini...
  3. Daniel Bernard

    Big thanks to this school for finally making me learn theory after 3 years

    I’ve always struggled learning theory and STICKING to it before, everything felt overwhelming and like a mess for me and I would practice it once every 2 months and forget it as I learned it. Thanks to the lessons on this site, which are so clear and understandable with perfect pace, I finally...