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  1. Chris Johnston

    Perfecting technique

    Hey guys! I was wondering what everyone's strategy's are in terms of breaking in either a new technique or continuing the clean up on an existing technique in your playing? I've been working on my sweeping tonight and noticed that if I stick on a metronome at 100bpm, set a 20 minute timer and...
  2. Chris Johnston

    'The Stage' extra tracks missing?

    Just went onto my Spotify to listen to ‘Dose’ by Avenged and I’ve noticed that all of the additional tracks of The Stage have been removed? I live in the Uk, has anyone else experienced this or know the reason why? Yours, -Chris from Sunny Scotland
  3. Chris Johnston

    Economy Picking/Sweeping Warm-Ups

    Been trying to invent my own Economy/Sweep picking warm ups on my Soundslice. Have a go and tell me what you think! All feedback and constructive criticism is welcome, thanks guys! Chris from Sunny Scotland,
  4. Chris Johnston

    Am I being too picky about Picks?

    Hey guys! I’ll cut straight to the point with my query. I’ve been using the 2.0mm purple Dunlop delrin guitar picks for over 3 years now and I love them. Nothing else feels quite right when economy picking etc. I’ve noticed a trend in my playing where when if I’ve been gigging/playing for long...