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    Camazotz- Mayan for "Death Bat"

    Totally unrelated to guitar, but totally related to A7X. Also history is good for everyone. Turns out the Mayan’s had a god called Death Bat and he was the original Batman or something. Check it out!
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    Probably my favorite "Where are they now?" example ever…

    This may be a little before a lot of you guys’ time, but a LONG time ago there was a video floating around of this 9 year old kid that was half the size of his own guitar straight up SHREDDING some Yngwie licks among other things. It was nothing short of impressive and it put all of us shredders...
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    The great Rick Beato interview with Syn

    If you guys dont know about Rick Beato, that guy gets into some DEEP theory stuff and is seriously one of, if not THE greatest, musical resources of the YouTube age.
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    Synyster Fractal Audio video

    Just posted a few minutes ago!
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    Axe FX III Rivera Knucklehead Tre Amp Match

    I realize that this probably isnt relevant to most of the people here, but if you have and Axe FX III and are interested, here is my first amp match of my Rivera Knucklehead Tre with JJ EL34s and JJ preamp tubes. They are admittedly a bit older, but they gotten much play over the last 4 years or...
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    Axe FX III Presets

    Anyone got the word on those presets Syn is releasing?
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    I made mention of this in another post, but thought it would be a good thing to highlight for everyone here. One of the single greatest resources to improve yourself as a musician is a program called Earmaster which you can find at . It is literally endless exercises...
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    Axe FX II Rig!

    I dont know if selling things here is frowned upon or not, but I guess Ill test the waters. If any moderators dont want me to take this down, Ill be happy to. Im selling my Fracal Audio Axe FX II XL with MFC 101 Mark III and 9(!!!) cab packs from ML Sound Lab which includes all the Misha Mansoor...
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    What are you working on?

    What is everyone practicing right now? Are there things that youre stuck on and cant seem to improve? What is it that you want to learn to take yourself to the next level? Lets all address our road blocks and learn to move past them!
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    Gypsy Jazz Player

    Since people hve been talking about it and one of my teachers recently posted it- here is a video of Greg Harrison, who was also a teacher at the Musicians Institute, playing a bit of gypsy jazz. Is also a monster shredder and has a Meshuaggah-type band called P.D.P. He’s an all around great...
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    It's hard out here for a lefty……

    Just like it’s hard out here for a pimp! I know that I cant be the ONLY lefty out there. We got any more out there? If so, sound off! And even better yet, post a video showing us all how lefty you REALLY are! Here’s a video of me covering Guthrie Govan’s “country road” solo! Guthrie Govan –...