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  1. Hayley Frederick

    Thank you, Everyone

    Keep your head up and keep shredding xoxo
  2. Hayley Frederick

    Fell off

    Hi guys! I fell off for a bit of time due to work and college, I couldn’t seem to give it my all but now that I’m done for the summer I’m ready to get back into it! I want to upload a video at least by Sunday! I’m really excited to be back, I feel like I missed so much 🙁
  3. Hayley Frederick

    Godsmack singer as Frontman of A7x?

    Calvin , I agree with you on the Revs voice. Gives me chills every single time , my favorite!!
  4. Hayley Frederick


    Jak this is incredible!!!! So much credit to you , not just for the video but everything you do!!
  5. Hayley Frederick

    Papa gates

    Happy birthday and thank you for all that you do!
  6. Hayley Frederick

    A stupid question not related to music or quitar

    Just say it was a glitch lol
  7. Hayley Frederick

    Happy holidays yall

    Lol merry Christmas!!!
  8. Hayley Frederick

    Happy holidays yall

    Thanks everyone!
  9. Hayley Frederick

    Happy holidays yall

    Whatever you celebrate , if you celebrate at all, have a good day/holiday 🖤
  10. Hayley Frederick

    question for syn

    @ide the one interview where they asked what their favorite songs to play were and he said I’ll tell ya the one I don’t like to play , beast and the harlot lol
  11. Hayley Frederick

    My friends band inspired by Meshuggah and Tool

    3 man band! Very enjoyable to watch! ( not sure if the link went through but if it didn’t here it is )
  12. Hayley Frederick


    Thanks guys! And I’ve told him about joining! Well just wait and see if he actually does
  13. Hayley Frederick


    Is it acceptable to upload a video of my friends band? He’s highly influenced by meshuggah and he is looking for some pointers.
  14. Hayley Frederick

    A7X TOUR!

    Going * lol my bad I’m drinking
  15. Hayley Frederick

    A7X TOUR!

    @Nancy how far are You from Ohio?? I’m drink there in may for rock on the range , I have an extra ticket you could have if interested ! Just message me 🙂
  16. Hayley Frederick

    A7X TOUR!

    @nancy I’m so excited for you!!!
  17. Hayley Frederick

    um wtf?

    Lol my email got blown up
  18. Hayley Frederick

    Other then Avenged, what other shows are you seeing this year?

    Rock on the range which has amazing bands I can’t wait to see , especially trivium , godsmack, tool and a perfect circle . I’m also gonna see taking back Sunday for the 100th time , slayer , stone sour , stone temple pilots (won’t be the same but still excited ) also Santana . Lol
  19. Hayley Frederick

    Random af but.. syn!

    I give a lot of credit to those who can perform in front of a group/stadium. There must be a lot of things that could distract you but you just keep going , how do you do it??? Has there ever been an indcident during a show that has distracted you?