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  1. MatiXD

    GUYS I GOT MY OWN NEW INSTAGRAM FAN PAGE. Fan page is about BFMV and A7X, but I guess I'll post...

    GUYS I GOT MY OWN NEW INSTAGRAM FAN PAGE. Fan page is about BFMV and A7X, but I guess I'll post stuff about SYN GATES the most, because I love him the most of all those guys. I would be very thankful if you consider following 😁 See you there!!! Follow: @a7x_x_bfmv
  2. MatiXD

    Shepherd Of Fire solo

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCHHH <3 This school has the best online community I've ever seen you are all amazing
  3. MatiXD

    Shepherd Of Fire solo

    Hello GUYS! I hope you are doing well 😁 I am very interested to learn Shepherd Of Fire solo. For advanced players and for those who know how it's done, can you please suggest me what techniques should I learn to help me play this, what techniques are actually used in this solo? I gave myself...
  4. MatiXD

    FRIZZLE FRY by Primus

    Can't wait to give it a listen😁
  5. MatiXD

    Floyd Rose

    Dude thank you so much. I realy appriciate this much thanks <3
  6. MatiXD

    Floyd Rose

    Thanks for your help man!
  7. MatiXD

    Floyd Rose

    It's not a problem just in breaking, but Im more afraid of de-tuning them while they're locked, because that means I will have to unlock everything, tune back and then lock again. ,Im using exactly the same strings as syn does. Thanks for advice!
  8. MatiXD

    Floyd Rose

    Hello fellow Synners! Does anyone have any advice on floyd rose tremolo bridge? I recently got my first floyd rose guitar (Jackson RRX24) but Im still not used to floyd rose bridge. I can put strings on normaly and combine strings and bridge position, but I feel like my strings are too tense...
  9. MatiXD

    A CHRISTMAS GIFT TO YOU from Phil Spector

    Oh hell yeah🤟 Happy holidays syn🎄❤️