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  1. Lauren D

    Guitar Struggles

    Anybody else have the problem where you fingers are so calloused that your iPad doesn't recognize it as a finger? Or you can't unlock your IPhone with your finger print? Or do a David Gilmoure like bend and then it makes your skin have almost like a flap that gets caught on all the other...
  2. Lauren D


    It's cool! Good luck w whatever you've decided to learn!
  3. Lauren D

    Pantera suggestions?

    I'm broken, cemetery gates, revolution is my name, domination, and whatever else sounds good to you. Honestly panthers has rlly good stuff. And so does a7x, both have taught me a TON of thing in my guitar journey. Def recommend learning cemetery gates though, that song has taught me a ton. It...
  4. Lauren D

    What's your guitar routine?

    Practice some songs, play some songs I know and that's are fun, then play with a metronome, and practice other things depending on what I want to work on that day, then I learn 2 more notes of a dream theatre song. Hopefullly by the end of my life I will be able to play at least one full dream...
  5. Lauren D

    Share your Favorite A7X Lyric(s)!

    Conjuring her deepest fearsss (COME HERE YOU ******** ****) all the lryics to a little piece of heaven are awesome but yet the more you think about it the more disturbing they get. I love it. My mom thinks im crazy cuz I'll be laughing and singing at the top of my lungs for the entire 8 min of...
  6. Lauren D

    Practicing more but getting worse ?

    If I practice the same song over and over and over it gets really stressful. So I take a break and play something else that's I know to encourage myself. Like some smashing pumpkins or rhcp or prob my fav song to play which is buried alive. Then I go back to what i was doing and I feel 100x...
  7. Lauren D

    What are you currently listening to?

    Honestly the newest SOAD songs are pretty cool and Machine heads new stuff is nifty, but mostly I've been listening to the Live in the LBC, waking the fallen, city of evil, and a lot of the older stuff. Also in my spare time I've listening to every RATM song that exists. Def worth the time.
  8. Lauren D


    Danger line is a good one. Any song you like you might as well give it a try! Unless your like me and have a Floyd rose and can't drop tune 🙃