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  1. Chris Johnston

    Almost feel like giving up

    100% what @Ed Seith said on this one. Get as many Grades as you can! I wish I did. The following isn't meant to scare you or be doom and gloomy, just to offer an insight into Music as a real career - I'm about to harp on about money alot! :LOL:: (Disclaimer: This is only my experience) I've...
  2. Chris Johnston

    If anyone wants some upbeat Indie Pop songs to get them through their day, check out my band...

    If anyone wants some upbeat Indie Pop songs to get them through their day, check out my band 'Chris Greig & The Merchants' on Spotify and add them to your playlists :D - Or check out our media here: X
  3. Chris Johnston

    Use of augmented arpeggios?

    A bit late to the discussion here but I love Augmented arpeggios :D It's worth remembering that Augmented & Diminished arpeggios are Symmetrical, so if you can play an E Aug arp over an E7, you can also play a G# & C Aug arp over it (As they contain all the same notes and are all inversions of...
  4. Chris Johnston

    Perfecting technique

    Hey guys! I was wondering what everyone's strategy's are in terms of breaking in either a new technique or continuing the clean up on an existing technique in your playing? I've been working on my sweeping tonight and noticed that if I stick on a metronome at 100bpm, set a 20 minute timer and...
  5. Chris Johnston

    Melody Sense

    True that haha! You're totally right aswell, the best thing you can have is that ability to know if something sounds good and to be able to access it whenever. I used to play completely by ear, and weirdly enough, the thing that expanded my ear + playing was being able to label the sounds that...
  6. Chris Johnston

    Melody Sense

    Glad it helped 😊!
  7. Chris Johnston

    Melody Sense

    Been there myself Ed! 😂 feel free to PM me if you want to chat that kinda stuff!
  8. Chris Johnston

    Melody Sense

    Hey Rute, Happy hew year! I fun thing to do would be to work out what it is about these melodies that you consider beautiful and chase after that sound. After while it will become part of your playing and you'll start to think more like the person who made the melody, if that makes sense? One...
  9. Chris Johnston

    Substitution Harmony question

    Interesting stuff! - Going to take a stab at a concept here: You mentioned an Em#5 : A way that you could also think about that chord is as an Em b6/Em b13 - As the 'C' note, within the context of E minor gives off an Aeolian sound (b6). If you're thinking of the Am7 as a ii chord (Dorian...
  10. Chris Johnston

    How long to practice?

    So interesting reading through these! I tend to pick the guitar up every day in small sittings throughout, whenever I get a spare minute away from pets/work etc. A thing I'm trying just now is to try and improvise a melody the minute I get the guitar in my hand and see where it goes, my overall...
  11. Chris Johnston

    Where should I learn theory?,

    The best place hands down in my opinion for Music Theory is Rick Beato's channel. I went straight from Music college into a Guitar Tutoring job and his videos have legitimately helped me earn my living! (Much better than where I studied! 😊) I'd start with his video: Rick Beato - (Basics of...
  12. Chris Johnston

    Advice From Papa Gates

    Great video and great points! The point PG made about sitting down and trying to figure out a melody in your head is something that’s really transformed my own playing when improvising! It stops the music theory library in your head trying to analyse whats going on and conditions you to play...
  13. Chris Johnston

    Question about circle of 5ths lesson

    No problem at all, Pablo 😊
  14. Chris Johnston

    Question about circle of 5ths lesson

    When he refers to the order of sharps – (F – C – G – D – A – E – B) – it’s basically the order in which each note in that pattern get’s sharpened and added to it’s Major scale – it’s a bit confusing at first to think about but it makes sense eventually – the best thing is to constantly quiz...
  15. Chris Johnston

    Question Over Lesson 25

    Like most things Jak it’s personal preference! I totally get where you’re coming from regarding the finger roll being less practical (or at least more difficult to play cleanly) – It’s something I’ve been looking closely at in my own playing. I’ve found that sticking with it but going uber uber...
  16. Chris Johnston

    Question about circle of 5ths lesson

    (Really Long post, apologies but should help! 😊) – This might seem like a long theory ramble but this is some info that really helped my playing.) Hey Pablo! When P.G is referring to a 1-4-5 he’s referring to the 1st, 4th and 5th chord in a Major Key. I’ll use E Major as an example (as you’re...
  17. Chris Johnston

    Economy Picking/Sweeping Warm-Ups

    @jakangelescu – Here’s the video of me practicing the warmup – Bb Bebop Style Economy/Sweep Picking Warmup (Recorded Practice) Sloppy in places but you get the idea 🙂
  18. Chris Johnston

    Tremolo Picking Tips

    The finger and thumb technique freaks me out ’cause I just can’t grasp it haha. So I just use a mix of my wrist and forearm while trying to maintain as much wrist as possible and keeping everything relaxed. But man is it a tough technique to keep hold of for a sustained anmount of time!
  19. Chris Johnston

    What are you currently listening to?

    I’m really loving a band called ‘The Skints’ just now. Basically a Skank/Reggae band from London. Check out ‘This Town’ by The Skints if you’re into that sort of thing!
  20. Chris Johnston

    'The Stage' extra tracks missing?

    Just went onto my Spotify to listen to ‘Dose’ by Avenged and I’ve noticed that all of the additional tracks of The Stage have been removed? I live in the Uk, has anyone else experienced this or know the reason why? Yours, -Chris from Sunny Scotland