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  1. Julian Barton

    Keeping my fingers going

    As some of you may have noticed I went away for a while and that is because I am gearing up to go into the army and once I ship for basic and AIT I will be gone for 9 months without a guitar. 🙁 Does anyone have any tips on things I can do to keep my fingers strong and dexterous without my guitar?
  2. Julian Barton


    Hey friends, I am drafting an EPK for a company that reached out to me but I don’t know for the life of me what to put on it any ideas? I haven’t accomplished much lol.
  3. Julian Barton

    Broken menu?

    Did the site get an update where the Beginner menu and etc don’t drop down anymore? Syn’s Etudes still drop but none of the others will.
  4. Julian Barton

    Anyone else with a similar experience?

    I am curious if anyone else has a similar story to share about a topic all beginners dread. It is those videos where it says “tutorial” and it’s just someone playing the song at 98% speed instead of full speed for a second time and they call it a tutorial. It is funny to me because I have been...
  5. Julian Barton

    Guitar Repair? (possibly)

    Soooo if you have talked to me recently everything is going wrong with my guitar. I now have a problem where my audio jack is wiggling. I tightened the nut and it wiggles really bad the signal is not being cut off or anything bad yet but it is slightly concerning. Any idea what that is or how to...
  6. Julian Barton

    Switching Keys

    I am sure I am not the only one with this question but how would you switch keys with ease? I am getting stuck in the same boxes and I really need to open my playing I have done a lot to do this and I have made so much progress but I want to be able to switch keys so I can make slower melodic...
  7. Julian Barton

    How can you tell you have practiced too much?

    This is a question I am curious if I am missing some things. Lately I have been trying to play things and I seem to be progression backwards on some things such as the pull me under solo. When is it time to call it quits for a little while?
  8. Julian Barton

    I need a bit of help.

    I am trying to do the stage intro to cover the whole song and he does the part when he is tapping and switches strings the second time to simulate a sweep. Anyway I am leaving one string and it is ringing out I can’t seem to get it to hush itself lol. I need some playing gurus to give em some...
  9. Julian Barton

    Easiest to play?

    What do you guys think the easiest genre of music is to play? I would vote pop music since it is just chords but yet again chords can get pretty complex.
  10. Julian Barton

    I need help

    I need to learn a song in like a week for an audition I only have an audio of the lead guitar but I don’t have a slow downer or anything does anyone have any tools to help me with?
  11. Julian Barton

    G4 anyone?

    So if you know what G3 is amazing! (also Syn should play with them) But is there 3 other people who want to start something here? I am happy enough to say I believe this school has made some professionals (Me not being one) but I would love 3 other people to make G4 which is one better than G3...
  12. Julian Barton

    My student asked me something

    So one of my students asked me a question I don’t know the answer to lol. Does anyone know a good source to read up about making an EPK for a company. She wants to apply to be a Ernie Ball artist and needs an Electronic Press Kit.
  13. Julian Barton

    Any Testimonies?

    I am ordering my brand new Schecter! But I am using a site called musiciansfriend does anyone know if this is reliable?
  14. Julian Barton

    Hello all

    I am back again with a question! I have walked through most of the stuff I need to for now but I do have a quick question about something I could not seem to find. I was listening to the stage and the harmonic at the very end caught my attention does anyone know where that is played? It sounds...
  15. Julian Barton

    A small break

    I am unfortunately leaving the school for a short while. I will still have my account but I am walking through a rough part in my life at the moment and I will not be on here for about a month. I am glad that you all helped me as much as you have and I am thankful for all of you! I hope the...
  16. Julian Barton

    Tab for a complex one

    Okay syn did a master class and played an 8 finger tapping lick switching his hands over and under. Does anyone have the tab for this beast of a lick?
  17. Julian Barton

    Practice away from home?

    Does anyone know a way to practice stuff without my guitar? I am sitting in class bored out of my mind (College can be too easy sometimes) and I would love to get some practice. Unfortunately typing in all these hacking competitions is not doing much for me and is causing carpal tunnel lol.
  18. Julian Barton

    Breaking out of your comfort zone

    I have found that I seem to do the same things and have a tendency to not be creative when improvising and playing scales. What is a good way to break those nasty habits of a comfort zone and begin playing outside the box. I have gotten feedback from Ids before saying it sounds like I am playing...
  19. Julian Barton

    I need an expert on this one.

    So I have a question that I can’t seem to answer. I was writing a PDF for a friend who is learning but I ran into an issue. I was about to say tapping is legato (because it has been said that your right becomes an extension of your left). But it could also be pizzicato because you are plucking...
  20. Julian Barton

    A key question

    So as some of you know I am working on writing some songs. I am planning on writing and producing an album in a Vai way like just guitar. So my question is if I write an album should all of the songs be in the same key? I feel like yes because it will be easy on the listeners ears but at the...