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  1. Donnie Keeney

    Fret Buzz

    Hi everyone! I got a new guitar with a floating tremolo system that plays great but I am having a lot of issues with fret buzz. I haven’t ever had a guitar with a floating tremolo system. Does anyone have any advice to get rid of the fret buzz? Thank you!
  2. Donnie Keeney

    Jazz Standards

    Hello everyone! I am working on improving my jazz chops and I always hear that you need to start by learning as many standards as possible. Does anyone have advice for learning standards and good standards for me to start with. Thanks!
  3. Donnie Keeney

    Songs to learn

    What songs are your favorite to play? What songs are you currently working on? What songs helped you with a particular technique? I am kinda stuck in a rut and looking for new and interesting things to play (or just some cool riffs). I appreciate any suggestions. All ideas are welcome.
  4. Donnie Keeney

    Kiesel Guitars

    Does anyone have any opinions on Kiesel guitars? They make some amazing looking instruments but I have never been able to try one out. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on them?
  5. Donnie Keeney

    Favorite Syn Solo

    What is everyone’s favorite Synyster Gates solo and why?
  6. Donnie Keeney

    Music Theory

    I am a nerd and I love music theory. What components of music theory do people find most useful for their playing and composing? What components of music theory most mystify people? What would you like to know more about? Modes? Progressions? Cadences? Chord theory? Post here about what...