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  1. Daniel Verde

    Has anyone here completed/taken part in the A7X quarantine challenge on Instagram?

    I completed my seven days in a row yesterday, I missed day 3 so I had to start over on day 4. But I'm done now and I wanted to see how many of us have taken part? I think it is such a cool and generous act that the band did, while partnering with Warren Lotas. It was also a really fun and...
  2. Daniel Verde

    EDIT: PROBLEM SOLVED, "Does anyone here use Cubase? I have setup my studio but I am having an issue, almost like a noise gate issue..."

    So basically I got Cubase which came with a Steinberg UR22C Audio interface. I have setup my Cubase studio so that the sample size and buffer rate are exactly where I want them. There is no issue with latency when playing. IT SOUNDS AND RESPONDS GREAT! My issue is that when I stop playing guitar...
  3. Daniel Verde

    Requesting a return from the Syngates store

    I’m embarassed to say, but I ordered something from the store(a hoodie) and I wasn’t really happy with it when it arrived. The store policy is that returns are accepted within 30 days. However you must request the form to return something. I emailed the store 3 times requesting a return form but...
  4. Daniel Verde

    SG Blood Moon Hoodie

    Hey! I am really interested in getting the blood moon hoodie https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0107/8889/6832/products/unspecified_750x.jpeg?v=1544761294 Has anyone here gotten it? Does it look as awesome as it does in that picture? It always looks great on the website or here for example...
  5. Daniel Verde

    Unreleased Synyster Gates Custom S

    Seriously, hasn’t anyone noticed this amazing Satin(Matte)/Gloss Black Synyster Gates Custom S??? Legit there should be an angry mob of people demanding this guitar be released immediately… I have the Satin Gold Burst which is on the lower screen, proof is here...
  6. Daniel Verde

    Verifying account and uploading RIffs

    So I just posted my second video on youtube, and I felt like its about time I posted on The Synyster Gates School! Verification just does not work either through facebook or through google. And I cannnot upload a riff until after I have verified my account. If anyone has any advice please let me...
  7. Daniel Verde

    Who here can play The Wicked End Solo?

    I’m currently working on the entire City of Evil Album, front to back. Right now that means learning the solo to The Wicked End. At first I was using another great resource https://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/avenged-sevenfold-the-wicked-end-tab-s22455t4 (Make sure you’re on track LEAD 3!). But I...
  8. Daniel Verde

    A7X STORE/FANFIRE Troubles

    So I feel like they have changed the a7x store a couple times for the holiday season. And I waited too long to by X-Mas presents. Anyway now I’m ready place an order but there’s very limited merch on the A7X store. I was also getting redirected to avengedsevenfold/fanfire/livenation.com(or...
  9. Daniel Verde

    A7X Stage T-Shirt Size Large

    I’ve been wanting to buy this shirt https://avengedsevenfold.fanfire.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Store.woa/wa/product?sourceCode=AVSWEBWWUSD&sku=AVS70520 for so long! But I’d prefer a size large and they have not been in stock for ages. I was just wondering if anyone knows or believes that there will...