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  1. SGS instagram contest

    SGS instagram contest

    Hi! this is my video for the SGS instagram contest. Well, sorry if my english it's not good but tried my best, i have to practice more. So, the lesson that i choose was the major and minor chords (lesson 17) and some things about the CAGED system (lesson 30) i used all this things in my riff...
  2. isa_llorente24

    Win a free pedal! 🔥

    The winner it's ngonna be announced during this week, right? where you're gonna announced de winner? i mean, in wich part of the page. I have that two questions
  3. isa_llorente24

    Comment by 'isa_llorente24' in media 'Guitar Riff/Pedal Contest SynGatesSchool'

    Oh thank you to remind me, i forgot it to put it in the description of the video. I used the Syn's tip of the lessons 16 that he said to "embellishment" the chords by playing different notes when you are strumming, so i used that in the intro with the arpeggio to create the riff of the song...
  4. Guitar Riff/Pedal Contest SynGatesSchool

    Guitar Riff/Pedal Contest SynGatesSchool

    I used some of the Papa Gates lesson, like: at the beginning arpeggios with major and minor chords and power chords for the prinicipal riff. This sounds like Blink-182 but i tried my best, my fingers hurt a little bit but i'm fine. This riff i think it's a little catchy. I used the Syn's tip of...
  5. isa_llorente24

    Win a free pedal! 🔥

    Oh thank you, i'm so dumb, i'm gonna post it right now, thank you so much :D
  6. isa_llorente24

    Win a free pedal! 🔥

    I want to know something, where i can upload my video, i can replay this message with the link of the video or i need to upload in the principal page
  7. isa_llorente24

    Win a free pedal! 🔥

    thank you!!
  8. isa_llorente24

    Win a free pedal! 🔥

    Oh! that's awesome, i have a quetion. The give away it's international? or just national, i want to know