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  1. Cody Dusenberry

    Happy Birthday Syn!!!

    Wishing a happy birthday to my biggest musical inspiration and to the best modern day guitar in the world Synyster Gates!!!
  2. Cody Dusenberry

    Help with keys and chords

    So I was trying to do some improvisation using simple chords, scale patterns, and different techniques in a guitar that is tuned in drop C. I was aiming to be in the key of C and as I was playing I noticed that I was playing chords and scales that would be in the correct positions for the key of...
  3. Cody Dusenberry

    Thank you

    I just wanted to say how grateful I am for this school and this community. I was recently able to preform as the lead guitarist in a pit orchestra for my college's showing of the musical Mamma Mia and I would never have been able to even consider this as something I could do without this school...
  4. Cody Dusenberry

    Scales finally clicked!!!!

    So one of my biggest challenges in regards to guitar has been scales. I grasped the concept of scales and what they were for, but I never understood how you put scales together or how you knew what scale you were playing. Yesterday while I was watching one of the guitar lessons (I believe it was...
  5. Cody Dusenberry

    Sheet Music for Guitar

    Does anyone know of any websites that have free sheet music? I’ve just recently taught myself how to actually read sheet music, but I can’t seem to find any site that show me sheet music for guitar that is also free.