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  1. Jesse Salmons

    Metal with a symphony!

    Here lately ive been really into metal with a symphony added to the mix. I feel it adds a whole nother depth to the songs, almost makes it sound like a new song! So if any one has any suggestions let me know! Here’s a few examples!
  2. Jesse Salmons

    Hail to the King solo!

    So ive been learning the hail to the king solo, and after watching a million covers (even one from @Hector Trejo ) i started thinking that the tabs i found were off. Well, i found a video that shows how to play it, AND explains the theory behind it. I figured id share it here im sure some of...
  3. Jesse Salmons

    First Sing/Play cover?

    So im trying to decide which song i want to focus on to record a singing + playing cover for. Theres two metallica songs mostly because James hetfield is a hero of mine, and if you know me you know i gotta have SOME skynyrd to choose from lol. Let me know what ya’ll think!
  4. Jesse Salmons

    Guitar names?

    So i got to thinking today, A lot of people name their main guitar. The one that they use most often. Famous players such as BB King and Gary Rossington and Gary Moore named theirs, Lucille, Berniece, and Greeny respectively. So what have ya’ll named yours? My explorer is Mary Ann. Dont judge 😂
  5. Jesse Salmons

    This just blows my mind

    So for the past month (more like 3 weeks but whatever) ive absolutely stopped any and all technical practice. Meaning sweeps (been struggling with 5-string sweeps), eco picking, alt picking, etc. and just been jamming. Playing solos i know how to play and can play well, just havent had time to...
  6. Jesse Salmons

    Weekly video idea?

    Hey friends! I was just wondering how many might be interested if i did a weekly (or bi weekly depending on my work schedule) video for a “lick of the week”? Over the course of my 8 or so years playing ive picked up a looooot of licks that i throw into my own playing sometimes, and i thought it...
  7. Jesse Salmons

    Good and affordable audio interface? What to buy?

    Hey All you cool cats and kittens (yes i went there) Im in the market for an audio interface so i can start recording into my computer, i just dont know what to buy! Any and all tips are appreciated!
  8. Jesse Salmons

    Most “out of the ordinary” song you have learned?

    So im curious as to what your guys’ most out of the ordinary song you’ve ever learned? What i mean by that, the most out of your normal genre’s of music? Like say you play metal mostly and you learned a reggae song 😂 And did that genre become a favorite of yours?
  9. Jesse Salmons

    How many songs do you learn at one time?

    Do you guys ever have multiple songs you work on at any given time? I cant keep focused on one song at a time i have to have multiple things to keep me interested 😂 like ill practice a tough metal solo that im learning, then ill jump to a skynyrd song im trying to perfect, all while doing...
  10. Jesse Salmons

    Help me pick a song!

    So after my previous forum about diverse songs, i’ve narrowed it down to a few choices! Let me know which song (or songs!) that you guys would be interested in seeing me cover, or which songs you wanna torture me with weeks of practice to nail it😂 The Fight-Avenged sevenfold Last in Line-Dio A...
  11. Jesse Salmons

    Diverse solos/songs?

    So im almost done with my current undertaking, “The Duel-Dethklok” and im looking for a new solo/full song to learn! Does anybody have any suggestions that would really test one’s lead AND rhythm playing? Im up for a challenge!
  12. Jesse Salmons

    Finally practicing again..

    Work has been nuts! I havent been able to keep up on my routine in a couple weeks, but i played today for the first time and i didnt miss a beat! Before i took my unwanted break i was feeling like i was making no progress but today i felt like i was so much better than the last time! Anybody...
  13. Jesse Salmons

    New solo approach?

    What approach do you guys take to learning a new solo? Just jump in, start to finish? Tackle the hard parts first? Break into sections? Also what do you do if said solo contains a technique you are unfamiliar with? Just curious to see peoples different methods 🤘
  14. Jesse Salmons

    Changing string gauge

    Hey guys! I really want to start covering some dethklok/galaktikon in the near future, so Im going to be changing string gauge on my snow falcon (flying v) from .10-.52’s to .12-.56’s. Dont really have a guitar tech anywhere close (like an hour away) so im going to do it myself! I know ill have...
  15. Jesse Salmons

    Gear post!

    i thought it would be cool to see what kind of gear you guys have! Any special guitar you just got, or your #1? Amps? Pedals? Lets see it! right now im using a gibson explorer, through a wah, metal muff w/top boost, into a vox ac30! my other guitars are a gibson sg and the brendon small snow...
  16. Jesse Salmons

    How long to practice?

    Just a quick question, how long do all ya’ll practice? For me it varies on how much time i have! If im having a real busy day i’ll get at least 30 minutes to an hour of exercises in so i make at least a little progress!
  17. Jesse Salmons

    Breaking bad habits?

    Ive been playing guitar for close to 10 years, im started when i was 12, im 21 now. Now that i finally have time (work has been crazy) to follow the site and use the lessons, im noticing a lot of bad habits especially with my alternate picking! So my question is, do i just break the bad habits...