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  1. Jeremy Healey

    Bad VS Good Practice Habits

    So tonight I had a bit of a “light bulb moment”. I knew about the different picking techniques and such but never went into any detail with them because I’m stubborn and I always just tried to play songs which ever way. But tonight as I was learning this solo (and very attentively referencing...
  2. Jeremy Healey

    Seize the Day Solo

    Relearning to play this song. Listening and playing this solo always makes me feel happy
  3. Jeremy Healey

    Dark Knight Guitars!

    The display case I had ordered finally arrived! And here it! Showing off my Dark Knight in all its glory! How many other Dark Knight owners can we get on this forum!
  4. Jeremy Healey

    Custom guitars with synyster pickups

    I was just wondering how many people out there Are using suns custom pickups and what guitars you got them in!