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  1. CallumP

    Can't play with recording

    Something that has helped me is trying to mentally shift from playing along to the recording, to playing it anyway with the recording also on. You focus less on the recording and more on the playing and then it can sort of fall into place :) Hopefully that makes sense i'm not entirely sure how...
  2. CallumP

    Comment by 'CallumP' in media 'Green Day - American Idiot cover'

    Thank you Gabby! :D 🤘
  3. CallumP

    Comment by 'CallumP' in media 'Green Day - American Idiot cover'

    Thank you Ari! I was trying really hard to just have fun and upload a cover that wasn't "perfect" but I enjoyed, I'm glad it showed :D
  4. Green Day - American Idiot cover

    Green Day - American Idiot cover

    Hi I posted here a few days ago asking for Green Day suggestions and got a lot of great ones I'm working through, started with this one (special thanks to Lindsey, Kim and Ari for suggesting this) and decided to film a cover for it :) Any feedback is more than welcome thank you!
  5. CallumP

    Comment by 'CallumP' in media 'A Minor String Skipping Lick'

    I should've stretched my hands out before trying this! That 5-8-10/ A-C-D stretch on the 6th string got to me haha, nice lick
  6. CallumP

    Comment by 'CallumP' in media 'Avenged Sevenfold - Afterlife'

    That playing is super tight awesome cover! Love the tone especially the chunkiness on those palm muted chugs! Also unrelated to the playing but the halo statue and the PC lights are also really cool lol
  7. CallumP

    Looking for Green Day song suggestions!

    Oh wow thank you everyone for all the responses! I'll get working through these :) Edit: had some fun today learning American Idiot by ear, just need to get that second part of the solo down still!
  8. CallumP

    Looking for Green Day song suggestions!

    Hello everyone, I've been asking friends for songs to play on guitar because I'm falling into abit of a rut of only doing exercises and I want to play more songs, pretty much everyone says that Green Day songs are great to learn so I was wondering if anyone hear has learnt some and could help me...
  9. CallumP

    Take a break, have a meme

    For me it's The Office atm but other than that ouch very accurate hahaha
  10. CallumP

    The Biggest Contest Is In The Books! Thank You All!

    Thank you for the competition and all you do on the Instagram! It's really encouraging and has made me want to be a more active part of the site rather than being abit of a ghost just doing lessons!
  11. CallumP


    Congratulations @ari.mac ! :love:🔥
  12. CallumP

    Comment by 'CallumP' in media 'Alternate picking practice'

    Something that helped me was practicing to a metronome and going really slow with it (one stroke per click at 60BPM for example)! The trickiest part can be the string transitions and doing this gave me extra time to mentally prepare for changing strings! Also, just staying on one string and...
  13. CallumP

    Comment by 'CallumP' in media '(Updated) My Competition Entry'

    Thank you! yeah I'm trying to build it up I really want to start posting more regularly to here to help with that :)
  14. (Updated) My Competition Entry

    (Updated) My Competition Entry

    Hello, some of you may of already seen this, but I forgot to include my guitar aspirations at the end! If you already saw my other entry then 1) thank you! and 2) if you want to see the last bit its about 4mins 30seconds in Been awesome seeing so many different entries, testament to how much...
  15. CallumP

    NEW CONTEST !!!! (Deadline January 20th)

    Ahh I've already uploaded mine I knew I forgot something, would I have to re-submit the whole thing with the aspirations at the end for it to count? Edit: Just saw the SGSIGTeam reply to Ids, guess so haha will get on that tommorow once my uni deadlines are submitted!
  16. CallumP

    NEW CONTEST !!!! (Deadline January 20th)

    Hi I've uploaded my competition entry I hope you all enjoy! https://syngates.com/media/my-competition-entry.4535/
  17. My Competition Entry

    My Competition Entry

    Sorry I'm very awkward talking to the camera haha! For my entry I have taken the teaching from the seven major scale positions and played them in one place on the neck which has helped me learn the shapes and differences better and how to apply them. The backing track is there to show the way...
  18. CallumP

    NEW CONTEST !!!! (Deadline January 20th)

    Should be recording mine tomorrow! very excited to see everyone's submissions
  19. CallumP

    NEW CONTEST !!!! (Deadline January 20th)

    Always been too scared to enter these but I'm gonna give this one a go, got a certain lesson in mind and the prizes are just too good to not at least try!
  20. DrivingHomeGuitar.mp4


    Merry Christmas Synners! My GFs fav Christmas song is Driving Home For Christmas - Chris Rea and I had 15mins spare/ some new space themed guitar picks for Christmas so learnt/ recorded this :) Enjoy!