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  1. Shiiji Gates

    Just a Young musician,spreading music

    I like to play fast and slow,like syn does thank u Papa gates and Syn to give ur weapons on us! And all of kids here too!! My sweep style or sounded.related too Jason Becker and Syn,but I admitted that I'm not the best guitarist at all,but I'm actually pretty good,and thank u syn for making this...
  2. Shiiji Gates


    Hello sensei syn, can I ask you, because I never ever communicate each other/with you, ill hope your read this forum,you too papa gates😊😊
  3. Shiiji Gates

    how to be a great guitarist

    how to be a great guitarist? give me some advice pls i need your advice
  4. Shiiji Gates

    syn style

    help me with this guys i need your help,what are the secrets of syn??
  5. Shiiji Gates

    Thank you for everything we taught

    Thank for all the guitarist,who I inspires me,and thank for your advice and thank you papa gates,for teaching us the right and syn too,I renewed my playing because of these school,and I love you all guys!! Syn thank you so so much for making this school,and thank you for everything I learned...
  6. Shiiji Gates

    my 17th birthday

    i cant finish my guitar lesson here,but im trying my best and im practice well,i use metronome and backing track help me guys to learn more,and ill appreciate it,my birthday is on october 16,ill i complete more
  7. Shiiji Gates

    Scales problem

    Guys,can I ask questions how many scale didn’t syn use,pls help me😥😥😣
  8. Shiiji Gates

    Army and guitar

    In our school we have that called “CAT” in here in the Philippines,im busy sometimes and sometimes I learn guitar here😣😥,the CAT stands for Citizenship advancement training for short(citizen army training) the training is fine, but I can’t success my learn here,please help me😣
  9. Shiiji Gates

    How I can be like syn

    What he’s secret?? I don’t know why, and,i have many questions for you guys, I don’t know what pedals where he playing,but Im struggle😥😣,please help me
  10. Shiiji Gates

    How to hold a pick like syn

    How to hold a pick griply
  11. Shiiji Gates

    Karate and guitar spending time

    For me I like karate,its part of my career as a teenager and I love guitar to.its not hurting your finger! 🙂
  12. Shiiji Gates

    How to spend time?

    I spend time for guitar and especially in studies,sometimes I can’t balancing it,and I do is to give time for guitar,and for studies, sometimes I can’t chat with my Japanese girlfriend,she knows I play guitar hehe,and I love syn solo and I’ll discovered he’s tone and picking styles.
  13. Shiiji Gates

    How to play like syn

    I like syn tone,I don’t know what pedals he use,but he’s solo are very very awesome!!
  14. Shiiji Gates

    Guitar problems

    My problem is I can’t perfect sweep picking please I need a help