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  1. Joe Giumarello

    New Synyster Customs

    Hey guys I was look at soon (hopefully) buying a synyster custom s but was unsure if it’s wort to buy the newer model with the ultra thin c neck and schecter pickups, or saving some money and buying the older model with the Duncan’s and thin c neck. Just wondering if anyone has been able to...
  2. Joe Giumarello

    Writing leads

    Hey guys, I had a question on writing leads. Instead of just playing arpeggios, what are ways to develop outside the box leads? Would changing the chords to something like a Phrygian dominant, etc. or changing keys mid progression help? Also for solo writing, I know it should be a bunch of licks...
  3. Joe Giumarello

    Software recommendation

    Hey guys. I want to get into recording but don’t really want to spend the money as of now because who knows if I’ll keep continue to use a program. Does anyone know of any free programs similar to GarageBand or reaper?
  4. Joe Giumarello

    Pinkly Smooth

    Hey guys. I’ve been listening to the pinkly smooth album Unfortunate Snort for a while now. Do any of you think it will be remastered? I’d love a better quailtiy version. Also does anyone know of any similar albums? I’ve also been listening to Mr. Bungle lately.
  5. Joe Giumarello

    Guitar Rigs

    Just curious of everyone’s rigs
  6. Joe Giumarello

    Ways to expand the school

    I think it’d be a cool idea to put ideas out on how to expand the school. Maybe have a pages for “most viewed riff of the day” or have mini-competitions between guitar players divided into tiers based on skill level, etc. I’d love to see what ideas everyone can come up with