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  1. Wally

    Demo in the works!

    Thanks for the support bro! Can't wait to start recording and put what I've learned here into action!
  2. Wally

    Demo in the works!

    Finally got with a band that shares the same passion for music as I do and starting next weekend we will be hitting the books on writing some original material. Probably won't be the best sounding music at first but I believe in time we can only improve 😎 I'll post more content and videos soon...
  3. Wally

    Challenging myself (16th notes)

    Thank you!
  4. Wally

    Challenging myself (16th notes)

    Thanks! 😁
  5. Wally

    Challenging myself (16th notes)

    I was practicing to a metronome this weekend and realized that I can only play 16th notes at around 95bpm. My goal for this month is to bump that up to 160bpm. I'll be trying to put up weekly videos of my progress as this is something that I will need to practice daily to reach that goal. One...
  6. Wally

    Circle of Fifths Made Easy (For Guitar)

    Here's a video that really helped me understand how to use the Circle of Fifths as a guitar player. I hope this video helps someone as much as it has helped me as I do not really use sheet music to play the guitar
  7. Wally

    Mission Accomplished

    Thanks for the support guys it feels really good to feel like I've unlocked a whole new level with my guitar and feels even better to be backed up by a very supportive community full of friends to help guide the way.
  8. Wally

    Mission Accomplished

    Yeah when I first started going through the lessons I felt like I was just really stupid because in all honesty I flew through the lessons and just memorized patterns and I didnt really pay attention to what PG was trying to tell me. So I took a break because I felt like I couldnt get it. Came...
  9. Wally

    Mission Accomplished

    This is actually my 3rd time revisiting the lessons. That's why it took me months to get the hang of the CAGED method. I didnt want to put it out there that I'm finished with the course until I could at least start practicing over jam tracks. But no worries because I'm sure this won't be my last...
  10. Wally

    Mission Accomplished

    After months of practicing and studying I've finally completed the beginners course of this awesome site. I've played for years and when I found this community the CAGED method was unheard of to me and that's when I knew I had to take the time to take advantage of what this website has to offer...
  11. Wally


  12. Wally

    Comment by 'Wally' in media 'Trying to add some embellishments to my playing'

    Thanks! I need to find better stuff to record my sound with
  13. Trying to add some embellishments to my playing

    Trying to add some embellishments to my playing

    Sorry about the sound quality of my recent videos. I dont have my computer to help me edit any of this stuff so I've just been recording it right from my phone using my TV to play the backing track. I hope you guys enjoy the video. Just trying to practice adding embellishments to my playing.
  14. Wally

    Webinar with Syn & PG

    Is there anywhere that I could watch a recording of the livestream at? I had to miss it due to work I was hoping maybe I could check it out soon.
  15. Wally

    Comment by 'Wally' in media 'Gojira - Silvera, MetalMinute with new guitar'

    Damn that's some nasty stuff (Nasty in a good rock and roll way) Good shit man this was the heavy stuff I needed for today!
  16. Wally


    Thanks for that I was hoping they'd see it! 😂 In all honesty though this is a great community thank you for all you do to help keep the page going! 😁
  17. Wally


    You started this debate! 😂
  18. Wally

    Comment by 'Wally' in media 'Practicing W/ Backing Track in Am!'

    I had to record this over and over again until I was moderately happy with what I was playing. Many errors were made some were technical and some were my own doing but that's why I'm practicing hope this is good enough.
  19. Practicing W/ Backing Track in Am!

    Practicing W/ Backing Track in Am!

    This is pretty sloppy playing on my part but that's why I'm practicing. Timing and Phrasing is something that I definitely need to keep working on. Any const...